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08 March 2023

St Thomas’ Primary School is part of a faith community centred on the life of Jesus, as expressed in our Motto, ‘Together in Christ’

Our Vision is to 'Educate the Whole Child' and empower learners as global citizens, to be curious, collaborative, creative and critical thinkers, inspired by Christ.



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Important Dates


Term One

Thursday 09 March - Yrs 3 - 6 Badminton Sporting Schools

Thursday 09 March - Coding Club (Yrs 4 - 6) 3:15 - 4 pm

Friday 10 March - Swimming Carnival (Yrs 3 - 6)

Friday 10 March - Choir Yrs 3 - 6 Hall 8:30 - 9 am

Friday 10 March - P&F Sundowner (adults only event) 6:30 - 9:30pm. Please book child minding early!

Monday 13 March - Italian Club (PP - Y2) 3:15 - 4 pm

Monday 13 March - Homework Club (Yrs 1 - 6) 3:15 - 4:15 pm

Wednesday 15 March - Drama Club (Yrs 4 - 6) 3 - 4:15 pm

Wednesday 15 March - P&F Meeting 7 pm - school library, all welcome

Thursday 16 March - Yrs 3 - 6 Badminton Sporting Schools

Thursday 16 March - Coding Club (Yrs 4 - 6) 3:15 - 4 pm

Friday 17 March - St Patricks Day

Friday 17 March - Choir Yrs 3 - 6 Hall 8:30 - 9 am

Friday 17 March - Swimming Training

Please remember dates of events can be subject to change

(Full 2023 term dates at the end of this newsletter)

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers

This week is the second week of lent. Students have been reflecting on their Lenten promises and how they can care and support others.


Even though there are no longer any restrictions for COVID, please be vigilant with any symptoms your child may have and keep them home if they are unwell.

DiGii Social Platform

Once again, we will be providing students in Years 5 & 6 with access to DiGii Social; an automated social-media-like platform that teaches upper primary school children the safeguarding skills of Digital Citizenship and Protective Behaviours in a safe and immersive environment. DiGii Social is an educational resource that systematically teaches your child how to behave and be safe online. For further information please view this LINK.

Harmony Day Celebrations

The theme of Harmony Day 2023 is ‘Everyone Belongs.’ Students will celebrate Harmony Day at school on Tuesday 21 March. The day will commence with a prayer service followed by buddy activities centred on this theme. Students may wear something orange or a national costume on the day.

Parent Teacher Interviews

In Week 10, we have scheduled Parent-Teacher Interviews online, using the Microsoft Teams platform. These interviews are a great opportunity to speak with your child’s teacher about how they have settled into the 2023 school year and how they are progressing in their learning. Parents will be notified when the online booking system opens.

P & F Sundowner

The P & F Sundowner this Friday is a wonderful opportunity to come together as a school community. I look forward to seeing you this Friday evening from 6.30-9.30pm.

Thank you and God bless

Natalia Thomson


Congratulations to our Merit Winners

From the Assistant Principal


Starting in the middle of next week, national testing will take place for all Year Three and Year Five students. Tests are conducted in Writing, Reading, Conventions of Language, and Numeracy. Please see below a timetable of tests for each year level:

Year 3 tests begin at 9am, Year 5 tests begin at 10:50am

  • Wed 15/3 – Writing
  • Thu 16/3 – Reading
  • Fri 17/3 – Language Conventions
  • Mon 20/3 – Numeracy
  • Wed 22/3 to Mon 27/3 – Catch-up tests for students absent on the scheduled test day (starting times may vary on these days)

Please ensure your child is prepared for the day by having a good night's sleep, a filling healthy breakfast, arriving on-time to school at 8:25am, and having the necessary equipment. A positive, ‘can-do’ attitude may also be helpful! These tests are snapshots of your child’s learning and are not ‘all or nothing’ ‘high-stakes’ tests, so we encourage parents to discuss the importance of your child doing their best, but not place undue pressure on the result. More information can be found at


As a staff, we are always excited to share with our school community students’ achievements. Merit awards recognise an achievement, trait or situation where a student has excelled. They are recognised with a weekly merit award for their year level. Each week, students may be nominated for displaying our value of the week. The value is taken from our five school values, Excellence, Inclusivity, Truth, Compassion and Community (as well as Respect) or may be an element of our school vision statement, which includes: Citizenship, Curiosity, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Christ-like. These values and skills are then focussed upon and referred to by staff throughout the week. If your child is to receive a merit or value award, you will be invited via email to attend the next gathering where we will celebrate your child’s achievement.


During Year Three to Year Six Sport sessions on Friday afternoon, student may access Rowe Park, a short walk down the hill from our school. Rowe Park offers more space to play organised sport and for students to practice skills without the space restrictions at school. On occasions, the upper year levels may access the park during lunchtimes also. Please note that multiple teachers always accompany students to and from the park, and first aid and medical kits are taken for students who have medical needs. If there is a medical or pastoral concern you feel the school should be aware of when your child attends Rowe Park, please discuss with your child’s class teacher. As you know, student safety is a prime concern.

Advisory Council Meeting - February 21

The school’s advisory council met for the first time this year on February 21st in the Library. The role of the Advisory Council is a formed by a dedicated group of parents who assist the Principal and the Leadership team in the development of the school.

The Advisory council has a number of key responsibilities;

I. Strategy setting in collaboration with school leadership team

II. Financial management and marketing

III. Planning and development in accordance with the current and future needs of the school

IV. Culture setting and standards

V. Support to the leadership team

The advisory council has parent representation from all year levels within the school community, most of the members have been contributing to the council and other volunteer positions at the school for a significant period of time.

After discussing some key marketing initiatives in regards to the marketing subcommittee. We began our meeting with reviewing the progress of the strategic plan. The Advisory Council discussed each area of the strategic plan against the four strategic pillars:

1) Inspiring Christ Centred Leaders

2) Catholic Schools of Excellence

3) Catholic Pastoral Communities

4) Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable System of Schools

Each area was discussed in detail and the progress against objectives. The capital development plan for the school is an important aspect of the future viability of the school and with the increase in student numbers in 2023 the advisory council discussed how this could help towards developing the capital plan sooner. The strategic plan will next be reviewed in our September meeting.

Mrs Thomson presented the Principals Report, followed by the new P&F President Clare McIlree who gave the Advisory Council an overview of the P&F plans for the year.

Grounds and Maintenance- Chair Trish Coniglio updated the council on items for attention in 2023 and the Finances of the school was presented by the Treasurer Daniel Della Vedova who gave us a very comprehensive report on the financial position of the school ending 2022 and forward-looking projections for 2023.

An excellent first meeting for the year with debate, discussion and attention to ensuring the school moves towards meeting the goals in the strategic plan.

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Sun Safety Reminder

With the swimming Carnival coming this Friday it’s a great time to remind ourselves on some sun safety principles to keep ourselves safe!

Prevention is key! For best protection, it is recommended a combination of sun protection measures:

1. Slip on some sun-protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible.

2. Slop on broad spectrum, water resistant SPF30 (or higher) sunscreen. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards.

3. Slap on a hat – broad brim or with a flap to protect your face, head, neck and ears.

4. Seek shade.

5. Slide on some sunglasses

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Sports News

St Thomas’ Swimming Carnival – Friday 10th March

Final information:

· All students are to be dropped off at Claremont Pool between 8.40-8.50am. Please do not drop your child off prior to 8.30am as staff will be busy setting up for the carnival and the students will not be supervised. They may wear thongs to the pool.

· Also, students must BYO lunch from home as there will be no lunch orders provided to the children on this day. Students are the wear their faction polo with the bathers underneath their sports uniform. They may wear thongs to the pool.

· Please ensure students do not have coloured hairspray in their hair.

· Please apply coloured zinc at home.

· We have been informed that crepe paper, streamers or balloons are not permitted at Claremont Pool.

· On the day, students are not able to use the canteen, even if parents are attending the carnival.

For the parents:

o Please no posting of photos/videos unless it is your own child.

o Must remain in the parent area unless you are volunteering on the day.

o Please do not come into the faction bays or crowd the finish line as this may hinder your child’s performance.

o A fee spectator fee is payable at Claremont Pools and please get a parking permit if staying longer than two hours to avoid a fine.

At the conclusion of the carnival, parents must see the class teacher and all students must be signed out. Parents are to see these teachers for signing out:

· Year 3 – Mrs Keatch

· Year 4 – Mr Godsall

· Year 5 – Ms Mulholland

· Year 6 – Mrs Gibbs

Those parents who have indicated that their child is being transported back to school are to travel in Mrs Thomson and Mr Nankivell’s cars.

Interschool Swimming Carnival – Friday 31st March

Students who are selected into the Interschool Swimming team, will be notified via email on the weekend. Training for these students will commence on Thursday 16th March, and the permission form must be filled prior to the commencement of swimming training by Wednesday 15th March.

Year 5 & 6 Tennis and Cricket Carnival

Unfortunately, the Tennis and Cricket Carnival has been cancelled due to lack of schools entering.


AFL Football – If you would like to child to participate in AFL football for Claremont Junior Football Club registrations are open and you may also contact

Sharon Seaman

Physical Education Specialist Teacher

A sneaky peek at what Years 4, 5 & 6 are learning during Lent in their classrooms

In Year 4, students have been learning about how people show love and forgiveness, how God always forgives, and how followers of Jesus focus on love, mercy, and forgiveness during Lent. This week students focused on Luke's Gospel reading "Jesus Cures the Paralysed Man". Students used their agency and enjoyed recreating the story in either a video, storyboard, or drawing.

In Year 5, we have been exploring the term ‘Virtue’ and researching the 4 virtues that the Catholic Church emphasise to us; Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance.

Year Six

In Year Six, we learned how the Easter Vigil liturgy is celebrated on Holy Saturday evening and that it marks the beginning of Easter. The Easter Vigil is the most important liturgy of the Church calendar. It is rich in symbolism and is arranged in four parts (ceremonies):

(a) The Service of Light – Blessing of the Fire and Lighting of the Paschal candle, including the Easter Proclamation (Exsultet).

(b) The Liturgy of the Word – Readings from the Old and New Testaments are read. The readings remind people of God’s action and covenant.

(c) The Liturgy of Baptism – The community renews their baptismal promises, and new members are initiated into the Catholic community.

(d) The Liturgy of the Eucharist – The whole church is called to join at the sacrificial table that Christ prepared for people through his death and resurrection.

We also had to identify and explain the key symbols of the Easter Vigil.

(a) Light – The liturgy begins in darkness. As the fire illuminates the darkness, a fire is lit, so too the risen Jesus transforms the night of death to the light of God.

(b) Water – The Paschal candle and the community are blessed with water. There is a liturgy of Baptism. Water represents the freeing waters of baptism. People are made new in Christ. (c) The Paschal Candle – The candle represents Jesus Christ, the light of the world.

Parents are encouraged to take their children to the Easter Vigil on Saturday, 8 April.

We are celebrating … St Patricks Day on Friday, 17 March

Children are encouraged to wear something green (ribbon in their hair, green socks, green t- shirt.

Special Invitation – Year Four are helping to prepare the Saturday Children’s Mass on the 25 March at 5.30 pm. You are also invited to stay for the best sausage sizzle in town!

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Meet our staff

Name: Natalie Mandry

Position: Music Teacher

Interests: Art, snorkelling, funky earrings and travelling

Football Team: I don't follow football but my favourite band is The Piano Guys

Favourite Food: Roti telur bawang (flatbread with onion and egg and delicious sauces!)

Currently Reading: All the Way Round by Stuart Trueman, a crazy Aussie who solo kayaked around Australia

Favourite Holiday Destination: Exmouth, the snorkelling and whale sharks are amazing!

3 people you’d invite to dinner: Dame Emma Thompson, Dame Maggie Smith and Dame Judi Dench

What would you do with your last $50? Probably funky earrings!

Favourite Movie: The Aristocats (1970)

Favourite Quote: We're all mad here - Cheshire Cat

Someone you admire: Ella Fitzgerald, one of the greatest jazz vocalists of all time

Music Lessons 2023

Instrumental music lessons are available at St Thomas' Primary. Children can learn voice, keyboard, piano, violin, drums, guitar and flute. Please contact the school office for a music form if your child is interested in commencing music lessons in 2023.

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John XXIII Open Day

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  • TERM 1
    • Wednesday 1 February - Thursday 6 April
  • TERM 2
    • Wednesday 26 April – Friday 30 June
  • TERM 3
    • Tuesday 18 July – Thursday 21 September
  • TERM 4
    • Monday 09 October – Friday 9 December

Pupil free days:

Monday 24 April

Tuesday 06 June

Monday 17 July

Friday 18 August

Friday 22 September

Public Holidays

Monday 6 March (Labour Day)

Friday 7 April (Good Friday)

Tuesday 25 April (ANZAC Day)

Monday 5 June (WA Day)

Monday 25 September (Kings birthday)

Extend Before and After School Care

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