learn the extrodonary way to find VOLUME!

What is volume?

Volume is the filling of a 3 dimmentional object using cubic units. You can find Volume of any prism or cylinder by using the formula V=Bh.   

Triangular Prisms

the formula to find the volume of a triangular prism is V=1/2(bxh). 

Triangular Prism Example Work.

V=Bh  V=1/2(bxh)h  V=1/2(3x4)h  V=1/2(12)h  V=1/2(12)2  V=6x2  V=12

Rectangular Prisms

The formula to find the volume of a rectangular prism is V=(lxw)h

Rectangular Prism Example Work

V=Bh  V=(lxw)h  V=(6x5)h  V=(30)h  V=30x2  V=60