Kuna Middle School

Weekly News - May 20, 2022

Upcoming Events & Information

Monday, May 23 - 6th grade (Eclipse) Field Trip - Kuna Butte Clean-up

  • Library books must be returned
  • Open House (Incoming 6th Graders) - 5-6pm

Tuesday, May 24 - KMS Choir Concert - KMS Gym 7pm

Wednesday, May 25 - Finals

Thursday, May 26 - 2-Hour Early Release (High School Graduation)

Friday, May 27 - Finals

Monday, May 30 - NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

Tuesday, May 31 - 6th & 7th grade Chromebook check-in

Wednesday, June 1 - 8th grade Chromebook check-in

  • 8th grade Awards Assembly
  • all grades Locker Cleanout
  • No Tardy Party

Thursday, June 2 - 2-Hour Early Release (Last Day of School)

  • NO BACKPACKS, BAGS, OR PURSES TODAY (cinch sacks are OK)
  • 6th grade Awards Assembly
  • 7th grade Awards Assembly
  • 6th-7th School Dance - 11:50-12:21pm
  • 8th grade Celebration
  • Yearbooks handed out
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Optum Health donated some kites to KMS last week. On Thursday, the KMS ERR classes got the opportunity to take advantage of the windy day and fly their kites! Each student received a kite and through trial and error and a little running, most were able to get their kites up in the air. They had a blast!
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Chalk the Walk!

Thank you to the District Superintendent's Advisory Committee for the KMS "Chalk the Walk" this week! Students and staff loved getting to read all the kind and supportive messages on their way into school each day.
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End of Year Educator Awards

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Boise Music Week Youth Honor Chorus

Last week, a chosen group of KMS singers participated with the Boise Music Week Youth Honor Chorus! They rehearsed every Tuesday for two months and gave two awesome performances last week as part of Boise Music Week. KMS students chosen for the Honor Chorus were: Helen McClure, Madilynn Armbruster, Madison Fitzgerald, Emma Hulse, Dakota Lowery, Charizma Fries, Alexis Kallmeyer, Zoe Likes, Brynlee Hirtle, Aubree Angle, Haylie Burr and Rylee Clements. Wonderful job ladies! You represented all of Kuna very well and KMS is proud of your performance, efforts and musical ability!

Chorus members pictured are:

(Front) Rylee Clements, Alexis Kallmeyer, Helen Mcclure, Brynlee Hirtle

(Back) Dakota Lowery, Emma Hulse, Madison Fitzgerald

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Bird Beaks

Mrs. Bennee's 7th grade science students learned about animal adaptations by using different kinds of bird "beaks" such as tweezers, spoons, and chopsticks to pick up various kinds of "food" (rice, beans, toothpicks, marbles, pennies, etc,). Students completed a data sheet to show how much of each kind of "food" they were able to collect in each 30 second round. The data was then analyzed to figure out which kind of beak is best for each food type.
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Socratic Seminar

Mrs. Tookey's 8th grade history classes took part in a Socratic Seminar on Tuesday. Students participated in an engaging discussion about survival.
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Amazing Readers!

Mrs. Morgan would like to celebrate several students for their dedication to reading and learning. These students continually check out books from the school library and display ongoing citizenship thoughout the library. Way to go KMS readers!