Privacy and Security

by Enrique Garcia -


Passwords: When using a social media materials it is important to secure your account. If you want no one to hack your account it is best for you to create a very unique password. That way hackers will have a less chance in hacking your account.

Scams: On social media there will be many websites or people asking for personal information about yourself. Never give out your information to website because there will be people who will steal that information and may us it for themselves. For example using a credit card on a websites you know is not real.

Internet Privacy and Security

In the video below it mostly talks about the trust people have on privacy and security. If people fell comfortable posting something on the web.
Internet Privacy and Security


Privacy: It is important to have any accounts you have on social media be private. Having your profile set as private will help you from people stalking you and having your information. You don't want some random stranger knowing everything about you don't you? It will be a good thing for you to have your own privacy.

User Agreement: It is important to read the agreements a website offers you to read. The website is basically letting you know that you can use their website but there will be consequences if breaking a rule or putting something negative on it.