Tina Turner

By Catherine Lewis


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Tina Turner was born on November 26, 1939 in Nutbush, Tennessee. Her original name was Anna Mae Bullock. In the early 1950's Turner moved to St. Louis, Missouri to be with her mother. In her early teens, Tina Turner quickly immersed herself into St. Louis's R&B scene. She spent a lot of time at Club Manhattan, and in 1956 she met Ike Turner, whose band, The Kings of Rhythm was a fixture at the club. She began to perform with the band and became the highlight of their shows.

Her fame in music began in 1960 when another singer did not show up to record with the Kings of Rhythm, so she sang on the track, "A Fool in Love." The track was sent to a radio station in New York and released as, "Ike and Tina Turner." The song became huge R&B success, and soon crossed over to pop hits charts. The group started touring as the Ike and Tina Turner Review and became known for their electrifying stage performances.

The group also had great success from their new singles "A Fool in Love," "Tra La La La La," and "Poor Fool."

She has won the Grammy Award for Album of the year for River in 2008, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for "What's Love got to do With it" in 1985, and won the Kennedy Centers Honors in 2005.

What Propelled Her to Fame

In 1960, when another singer did not show up to record with the Kings of Rhythm, Tina sang on the track, "A Fool in Love." The track was sent to New York and released as the "Ike and Tina Turner." It became a huge success and the group started to tour.

Top Songs

"What's Love Got To Do With It"

"Proud Mary"

"River Deep-Mountain High"

"We Don't Need Another Hero"

"Nutbush City Limits"

"Private Dancer"

"The Best"

Top Albums

Simply The Best

All The Best

Foreign Affair

Break Every Rule

Wildest Dreams


-Created by and for African Americans at the end of WW2 and the early 1960s.

-Swing music was starting to fade when R&B soul started to form

- Early R&B artists broke away from the big bands by typically performing in small combos and emphasizing Blues-style vocals and song structures.

-Saxophone and piano are prominent but electric guitar and bass were added to make the music more intense and have a greater volume.

Tina Turner Whats love got to do with it (lyrics)

"What's Love Got to Do With It"

S- synthesizer, trombone, drum set, flute, main vocals, bass, back up vocals, string

H- synthesizer, trombone, drum set, flute, bass, back up vocals, string

M- Main Vocals

R- Slow, in 4

G- Soft


Intro- Verse 1- Chorus- Verse 2- Chorus- Verse 3- Chorus- Outro


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