Rosa Parks Journal

May 9th - 13th

Hang In There......

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

-Benjamin Franklin

With school year almost over continue to do all you can to support our students here at Rosa Parks. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. Please work to keep students engaged in the classroom.

Team Rosa

Class List....

Teachers it's that time again to prepare class list for the upcoming 16/17 school year. Please work with grade level teams to complete. When creating class list be sure to consider the following:

  • MAP Scores
  • Discipline Issues
  • IEP's

Attached is the sheet that needs to be completed and submitted to Mrs. Kelly by MAY 18th.


As we approach the end of the school Please make sure that you are working on updating your grades. The window will open for final grades on May 12th and will close on May 19th. Reports will go home with students on the May 24th.

Linkage / Value Added

This year the following grades will participate in Linkage.

  • Grades 4, 5 Math and English Language Arts
  • Grade 5 Science

Please click on the following link to make sure that each of you can access your rosters to begin the linkage process.

The window for roster verification is Apr 27 - May 17. If you have any questions please see me.



May 4

  • 3 Reading MAP

April 25-May 13

  • K-1 PMG Reading and Math
  • 3 Math MAP
  • 4-8 Reading and Math MAP

Many of you are well underway with completing your EOY MAP Assessments. Please make sure that you are working to complete this assessment within the given timeline.

Upcoming Dates / Events

Monday 5/9 - PBS Observation Visitor

Tuesday 5/10 -

Wednesday 5/11 - Staff Meeting

Thursday 5/12 -

Friday 5/13 - Special Olympics / Field Day


Teachers as the weather warms up and we take students out for recess, there are always opportunities for things to happen. Please make sure that you are monitoring your students while they are at recess.