Locked In

A scary short film regarding two boys being, "Locked In".

Locked In, the basics.

The three of us are creating a short film regarding the, "Haunted Hallway". Two boys meet by the boiler room to then steal the keys from their previous teacher to then go explore the, "Haunted Hallway". One boy is head strong not thinking that is a hoax, however the other boy is more lenient towards not going and simply doing something else. The boy who stole the keys has a key to everything except the way out. As they enter the room, after a serious of creepy noises and footsteps, a head is thrown out of the darkness, after a flash, the boys then run. They decide to go back and explore after finding out that they can not exit the way they came, reverting to the fact that they are, Locked In, trying to find another way out. ​

Sound affects.

We had to add in sound affects, voices, and talking due to the fact we were recording in a echo-y room.

Christiana, Jacob, and Jp were the lead actors/camera users in this movie.

Frequently Asked Questions.

One of the most asked questions was, how did we pull it off? With hours of hard work and dedication to making this the best, scary short film we could, it simply did as it did and turned out great.