Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney

Birth date: December 5,1901

Birth place: Chicago, Illinois


Walt Disney was the fourth child out of 5.He was born in Chicago, Illinois but in 1906 Walt’s father bought a farm in Marceline ,Missouri. Some of Walt’s friends and his grandmother and aunt were the first people to encourage Walt’s artistic abilities. In 1910 Walt’s father became ill with the fever and sold the farm and moved the family to Kansas city. In 1917 Walt graduated 7th grade with his sister Ruth. Walt’s parents moved to Chicago with his sister Ruth to work for a jelly company his father had invested in. He stayed behind with his brothers. He eventually went and joined his parents in Chicago and he enrolled in 8th grade and his took art classes three times a week at the Chicago academy of fine arts.


When he was younger he worked many different jobs. He worked for his father's newspaper route with his brother Roy for 6 years. When he was 10 years old he opened a stand selling soda one summer with a neighbor but “drank up all the profits”. Later he worked with his brother Roy on a train selling concessions to the passengers. Not learning from his soda stand experience by the end of the summer he was in debt to his employer from taking the candy bars he was selling and eating them.


Walt spent some time in France while he was their he drew cartoons for humor magazines but all of the ones he drew were rejected.

Character Vs. Society


The theme of Walt's life is never give up because even though his drawings were rejected he went on and made some of the most watched animated movies today


He founded Disney Bros in Hollywood with his brother Roy. After some successes and some setbacks they started making the first Mickey Mouse cartoons. After failing to find a distributor for the first two they added sound to the third one called steamboat Willie and found distributor. Mickey mouse soon became the most famous cartoon character. Later he made the movie Snow White and many others.

Walt Disney Animation Studios' Steamboat Willie


He received an academy award for his mickey mouse character. He also received an Oscar for snow white. He also made the theme park Disneyland and later Disney world Which are places many people a year still visit.

Memorable Quotes

“To the youngsters of today, I say believe in the future, the world is getting better;there still is plenty of opportunity. Why, would you believe it , When I was a kid I thought it was already too late for me to make good at anything”

Additional interesting information

  • His formal education stopped at 8th grade but he never stopped learning he would read and teach himself animation. He showed it was possible to be successful without following the same path as everyone else.
  • Walt is also the voice for mickey mouse.
  • He has the record for most Oscar wins (22) and nominations (59).

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