october 29

new look, same idea

new look, same idea

Hello District 25 families,

Welcome to the new format for the bOARDBuzz. This change in format will allow for a more easeful way to access information as it will be embedded directly in the email itself. This is an attempt to better organize the information coming from our meetings. As always, the bOARDBuzz is archived at www.sd25.org/BoardBuzz.

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Adam Harris

Head of Communications & Storytelling

Board of Education Meeting | October 29, 2020


There were no recognitions and welcomes for this meeting.

Several people addressed the board during the public comments portion of the meeting. Those comments can be seen via the full recording of the board meeting. These public comments begin at the 3:30 mark of the meeting and can be viewed at this link: www.sd25.org/1029FullMeeting.

Public comments were also submitted via email prior to the meeting as well. This meeting's public comments submitted online can be read by visiting www.sd25.org/1029Comments.

Summary of Public Comments submitted via Email:

  • Encourage the Board to continue the current Hybrid model with the current Remote option. Do not move to Full in-person learning until a future date when it can be based on metrics and a clear plan. (31)
  • If the Board votes to move to Full in-person learning, please provide a variety of dates when parents can opt-in so that they can continue in Hybrid or Remote until they feel it is safe to change (1)
  • Change remote learning so there is a dedicated Remote teacher, and then let those who want to choose Full in-person do so. (1)
  • Invitation from a teacher to Board members inviting them to visit her 5th grade classroom. (1)
  • Share a comprehensive plan for Remote if you move to Full in-person, and do not force these children to change teachers. (2)
  • Change hybrid to an AM/PM model. (1)
  • Petition encouraging the Board to continue with the current Hybrid model with the current Remote option – with 283 signatures and comments


department of the superintendent


That the Board of Education approve the Superintendent's recommendation to comply if the Cook County Department of Public Health directs a move to Remote Learning for a specific District 25 classroom or school, but to continue in the current learning environment if the Cook County Department of Public Health issues a recommendation for all of suburban Cook County and the Superintendent determines that the District 25 internal metrics are stable and the district can continue to operate safely and successfully. Additionally, if the Superintendent determines that there is a need to move the entire district to Remote Learning, the Superintendent will schedule a Special Meeting of the Board of Education where the recommendation will be voted upon by the Board.


That the Board of Education direct the Superintendent to complete the following items and report on each item a the November 12, 2020 Board of Education meeting:

  • Notify families about the probable increase in school exclusions if 6 foot distancing is changed or waived.
  • Re-survey parent community about Remote, Hybrid, and Full In-Person learning with the option to continue in Remote Learning.
  • Gather information from the staff community about Remote, Hybrid, and Full In-Person learning
  • Meet with the Arlington Teachers Association about working conditions related to Full In-Person Learning
  • Determine the needed increase in staffing for the purpose of contact tracing
  • Determine instructional programming changes based on the above
  • Finalize metrics for return to Full In-Person learning

And, that the Superintendent continue the process of increasing in-person learning time for students with IEPs, 504s, and EL support services where possible within current mitigation strategies.

Reminder that tonight's Special Meeting of the Board is cancelled.

School Board Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 7:30pm

400 South Highland Avenue

Arlington Heights, IL

This meeting will be live streamed. As always, the live stream link will be posted on our board agenda page (www.sd25.org/BoardAgenda) the day of the meeting.

If you wish to submit a public comment, please visit www.sd25.org/BOE for guidelines.

For the complete school board meeting schedule visit www.sd25.org/BOE.