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Tips To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of The House

Many people have gotten locked out of the house. Though it may seem like it happened because of carelessness, even the most careful and prepared people sometimes find themselves in the wrong side of the door. Having preventive measures will of course lessen the chances of this occurring, so knowing what to do will be an immense help. This way, you won’t be surprised when you get locked out and you could even learn from that experience should it still happen. So read on and find out more about what you should do in order to avoid having this unpleasant experience.

  • The worst preventive measure that you can do is to leave a window or door unlocked - or worse, open. This might be a protection against the event of being locked out but it’s a very, very bad way to secure your home against burglars and plain intruders. A crook might even be waiting inside the house to harm you if you do this. So remember to never, ever leave any door and window unlock, and instead opt for other methods.

  • One of the best things that you can do to prevent being locked out of your house is to have an extra set of keys within reach all the times. Hiding one outside your home might not be so advisable, since a burglar might upturn everything and find them under the doormat or inside that potted plant of yours. You could try having a spare key in every bag or purse you have to make sure that you will always bring one, or put the spare key in the coat that you use everyday. A good way to hide or keep a spare key is to hand them over to a trusted member of the family.

  • Never force your entry into your house. Aside from the fact that some neighbors who mean well might mistake you for a burglar, what about causing some damage? You might shatter a window and break your door, which means that you have to phone a repairman soon and fork out more money to have them fixed. You yourself could also get injured, especially if you have glass windows and really tough doors.

  • Don’t leave a spare key in the various conspicuous places that burglars will definitely check out first and foremost before breaking into your home. Never leave a key under the mat. The wind might blow the mat off to reveal it, and it is the most obvious spot for a key too. Don’t leave it in the mailbox, which even a well-meaning mailman can easily access. Leaving it in your car compartment might not be a good idea too, since cars can get stolen, or someone might break into it and steam some valuables inside.

It’s better to be safe than sorry so don’t hesitate to go the extra mile when it comes to taking extra measures in making sure that you won’t get locked out of the house. Visit if you need help.