What We Want in the Rainforest


Why the Rainforest is Needed for us.

We the settlers need rainforests for certain reasons, such as others might. One important thing we use the rainforests for is to plant our food. The rainforests also give us land to live on for our families. Without food for our families and ourselves, we will all end up becoming deceased and the population of the world will keep decreasing causing animals to may someday overpopulate the Earth. If we settlers don't have a place to live, we won't be able to preserve the rainforest as we want to. This is why rainforests are very important to us settlers.

We Will Preserve the Rainforests

Rainforests Are Important To Us

As much as the rainforests are important to everyone, we are here and we won't harm the rainforests. We want to preserve our rainforests and keep them alive. There really is no reason whatsoever to have deforestation in our rainforests. All rainforests are equally important to us. We will not in any way try and harm the rainforests to cause deforestation. Our job may seem like we will harm parts of a rainforest but we try not too. That's why we settlers do not want to harm any rainforest, instead preserve them.
By: Emmali Zimmerman