Niman Ranch Beef

Standardized Animal Raising Protocols

Niman Ranch Beef - Sustainability Thought Leaders

Niman Ranch Beef strives to be the thought leader in the field of sustainability. The company does this by holding all ranches and farms it associates with to high environmental and animal treatment standards. It also does this by hosting educational programs and events centered on the latest thoughts about sustainability in ranching and farming.

Distinguished guests have spoken at Niman Ranch Beef facilities around the country, including Dr. Fred Kirshenmann and Dr. Cornelia Butler Flora, two leading minds in the practice of sustainability in farming and ranching. They explain how treating the environment and the animals with respect not only preserves the natural resources that today’s farmers and ranchers rely on, but also the natural resources that their children and grandchildren will rely on.

Niman Ranch Beef consults with the best sustainability experts in the country, and the company explains to its affiliates that sustainability does not have to be a detriment to their bottom line. Responsible practices can actually improve profits over time by creating better products and avoiding ecological catastrophes in the future. With resources such as water and nutritious pasture land rapidly shrinking,

Niman Ranch Beef strives to protect its affiliates from suffering in the long run with their commitment to the fair and responsible treatment of their animals and responsible environmental measures designed to protect natural pasture land and natural water resources. With the help of some of the brightest minds in the field of sustainability and the environment, Niman Ranch Beef ensures that its affiliates will continue to produce excellent products and remain successful for generations to come.

Niman Ranch Beef - Toughest Standards in the Industry

Niman Ranch Beef takes environmental and animal welfare concerns very seriously with all of our affiliated ranches. We put all ranches through a three-step process required for membership in the Niman Ranch network. Step one is inspection. Before a ranch or farm can be a member of the Niman Ranch family, it has to prove that it has the infrastructure and its operators have the basic knowledge of animal welfare needed to operate a ranch that values the lives of its animals and is as environmentally friendly as possible. The second step, once a ranch is entered into the Niman Ranch network, is a series of regular inspections to ensure that the standards laid out in the initial inspection are still being kept. The last step requires its members to sign a continuous series of affidavits designed to hold member ranches to ever more stringent standards as they evolve over time.

This three-step process was developed by Niman Ranch Beef in consultation with some of the leading animal welfare and environmental experts in their respective fields. One such expert who was integral in the development of our animal welfare standards is Dr. Temple Grandin. In addition to being a leading autism expert, Dr. Grandin is also an animal welfare expert specializing in the correct treatment of farm and ranch animals. Niman Ranch Beef now has humane treatment protocols for all of its cattle, hogs, lambs, and hens. We enforce our strict guidelines because we want all of the meat we produce to come from healthy livestock well above industry standards.

Niman Ranch Beef - All-Natural Meat

Niman Ranch Beef provides the best all-natural meat in the agricultural industry for many loyal clients across the country, including many popular chain restaurants. These restaurants are known in their industry as featuring the freshest, most nutritious ingredients, and are extremely popular because of it. Niman Ranch can offer the freshest, most natural, finest tasting meat on the market because of its excellent relationships with family-owned and operated farms throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest. Niman Ranch Beef is based in Alameda, California, but it ships its fine products everywhere in the United States.

The relationship between Niman Ranch Beef and all of its affiliated farms and ranches is unique in the industry because of the reliance that Niman Ranch has on its suppliers. All of its suppliers are small farms adequately set up for proven sustainable farming techniques and the humane treatment of animals. Sustainability helps both the farmers remain profitable for generations, and the surrounding community and environment around their farms. There are many practices that all Niman Ranch affiliates engage in to ensure that they are profitable for decades to come, and the surrounding community is glad for their presence.

Niman Ranch Beef sources all of its products from environmentally conscious farmers who see the importance of sustainable practices such as crop and grazing rotation, smart irrigation techniques that conserve water, and intelligent waste management systems that prevent pollution of soil and water near them. Niman Ranch Beef believes that these techniques can save the world one day.