Cultivating and Activating Leaders in Communities and Cities

Q Conference Update

"The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker." Helen Keller

This is an apropos quote to lead out on sharing about Q Ideas Conference 2019. The Q conference was happening in Nashville at the same time as the NFL Draft was in the city for the first time. It was also the national premiere and release of the Marvel's Avengers: Endgame movie - a culmination of eleven years of movie heroes on the big screen. While elite heroes of the gridiron were being chosen with great fanfare, and the heroes created by Stan Lee strode the screen, it was the aggregate push happening in the Q gathering of the speakers, panelists and over 2000 participants that I believe will move the world along.

I am continually encouraged by Gabe and Rebekah Lyons' masterful ability to identify great minds and voices with great track records of influence and effectiveness to speak to the most pressing issues of our day. Where can you go and hear sound theistic talks on Climate Change, Democratic Socialism, Artificial Intelligence, Loneliness, LGBTQ, Reconciliation, Liturgy, and Gen Z? It is also a gathering designed for maximum interaction around round tables and in breakout sessions and events in the evening. So much of the conference is meeting people who are hungry to be part of "the tiny pushes of each honest worker." We all have a role and calling and assignment. Get to it. Be about yours.

If you can plan ahead - this conference is something that is worth the time and investment to get there. For everyone else, plan to attend Q Commons this fall in over 100 cities nationwide.

Jeff Kreiser

Save the Date: Q Commons feat. Malcolm Gladwell

Save the date for the next Q Commons event here in Sacramento: October 24, 2019.

Q Commons is a live learning experience that challenges attendees to stay curious, think well, and advance good in their communities. Q Commons will return to cities around the country this fall with one of the national/global speakers announced as Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell spoke for Q Commons at the second Q Commons in the Spring of 2015 on "Legitimacy" with inspiring input for those gathered. Venues and local details will be announced by July 2019.

Be sure to follow Q Commons Sacramento on Facebook for updates regarding this event.

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Where Marketplace Leaders Meet Ministry Opportunity

Barnabas Group had its first Sacramento meeting on April 23 at the Granite Bay Country Club. Over 100 marketplace leaders heard presentations from three non-profits that shared their mission and substance, but also the challenge they are facing to move forward in their unique ministries. Each non-profit leader was able to get in a smaller group of marketplace leaders to hear their questions and to further clarify organizational needs. Beyond this large group meeting, ideation sessions of the Barnabas Group partners with the heads of the non-profits will help them form objectives and an action plan. Those gathered also had the opportunity to hear a visionary talk by Barnabas found Bob Shank. The whole presentation was then repeated the next day to the SF Bay Area Barnabas Group.

If you have interest in learning more about how to be a partner in the Barnabas Group in Sacramento or the Bay Area, and to hear about the next meeting times, you can contact Brian Dowd or Alan Carlton here.

Catalyst (Modesto Area)

Catalyst, sponsored by the City Ministry Network in Modesto, is a monthly gathering of leaders and influencers in the Modesto area who believe we can make the biggest difference in our community by building trusting relationships and working together. Catalyst provides a relational connecting point for our city’s diverse leadership.

Catalyst provides tools and resources for those in leadership positions to strengthen themselves and their circles of influence. Come to a Catalyst gathering and you will be sharpened by people from the seven pillars of community influence: Government, Business, Education, Family, the Church, Arts and Entertainment, and the Media.

Catalyst is the first Thursday of every month and meets at 7am at The Pavilion (1301 12th St, Modesto).

Next gathering: Thursday, June 6th

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May "Advance Good" Challenge—Big Day of Service

Big Day of Service is a grassroots, all-volunteer led initiative to make a positive impact in Orangevale and Fair Oaks. The very first event in 2018 had over 1,000 people participating and the hope is to unite the community around the idea that we can all make things better by working together. In 2019, an expected 1,000 volunteers will rally together and tackle at least 35 local projects to beautify and improve our neighborhoods. A group of community leaders -- including representatives from County Supervisor Sue Frost’s office, as well as individual leaders, local organizations, businesses, and churches -- has been planning the event and is looking for project suggestions as well as more project leaders and volunteers.

We believe that communities get better when they serve together, and everyone can play a role in making this happen. If you're in the area, consider volunteering at this event and joining with so many others! Learn more about this event here.

Though Orangevale/Fair Oaks may not be your community, there are many similar events that happen in different towns and cities throughout the year. Take some time this month to find out what happens where you live and how you can get involved serving alongside others for the good of your community!

Cultivating and Activating Leaders in Communities and Cities

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