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My personal hero is my sister, Anusha Gangani. She is my hero because she is the reason that I have got through school in America. Being the second child allowed me to follow my sister and have her influence me in every decision I make. My sister has gotten to know me so well that I consulted to her when I was picking my new trier levels. Anusha is now a freshman at Loyola University in Chicago studying to become a doctor. She chose to dorm and live away from the family and that has caused me to realize how valuable she is to me and how lucky I am to have a sister like her. My sister had hardships along the way of completing grade school. She immigrated here from Pakistan along with my mom and dad when she was just 2 years old. My family speaks a different language at home and English was the second language. My sister didn't go to ELL in elementary school, but instead, she had help from friends and teachers to master the English language. She may have had troubles along the way but she blossomed into the person she is today.

What is a hero?

Hero Definition Essay

According to the online dictionary, the definition of a hero is “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. This definition doesn't capture everything a hero is though. A hero is not only limited to males. Females can be heroes too. Without people going out their way to do something beneficial, the world would break apart. A real hero is somebody who does everything they can to give back to the world.

A hero is someone who funds for a good cause. Imagine having a business. Consider that this business donates $50 for every $100 acquired. Would you be ready to give up so much of your profits to charities? $50 off of every $100 is an unusually high amount. Anyone that is ready to give that much up of their company is showing that they are dedicated to helping and making progress in the world. This would be criticized a lot from investors but it’s the feeling that counts when helping somebody. Making a quick buck isn't equivalent to helping. By helping, you are a hero.

A hero is somebody who overcomes life experiences. My sister, Anusha, immigrated here from Pakistan when she was young. English was not her first language and she didn’t know anybody in the city of Chicago. Somehow out of all this, she helped my mom study for her immigration test. My mom passed because of my sister. thankfully, because of my sister, I became the first one born in the US out of my whole family. My sister was the one who helped me with homework and taught me right from wrong. She has helped me every step of the way. Today, my sister attends a very good university: Loyola University. She is out to pursue a career of being a physician’s assistant. Anusha is a hero because of how she overcame not knowing english, to teaching it to me and my parents. My sister overcoming life experiences and someone funding for a good cause both define what a hero is. Someone who achieves either of these things, understands and demonstrates what a true hero is. The dictionary definition can only go so far but the possibilities that I've listed above provide an extension off of the definition. Are you demonstration the acts of being a true hero? Do you know anybody that does? A hero can come in all shapes and sizes and come in very many different flavors.

If only one day I could meet him-Untouchable Hero Essay

Mark Zuckerburg

A hero is someone who tries their best at all moments- even when times are tough. Mark Zuckerburg did a lot before he built the social media empire, Facebook. He was born on May 14th in the year 1984 in White Plains. His dad, Edward, works as a dentist and his mom is a psychiatrist. Zuckerburg was raised jewish. Shortly after his Bar Mitzvah, he declared to be an atheist. According to Computer Sciences, After Zuckerburg built his dad a program that allows his dad to talk with patients, he transferred to Phillip Exeter Academy. There, he developed an app that could forecast music habits. Microsoft and America Online tried to hire him but both failed to.

Mark Zuckerburg is a true hero because of how he has squeezed through so many issues to continue being the co founder of social empire, Facebook.
Mark Zuckerburg is a good example of a hero because of how he got through tough lawsuits with his company. The biography writes that Mark Zuckerburg had to deal with a lawsuit accusing him and his company, Facebook, of stealing someone else's idea. 6 years later, the Winklevoss Twins and Divya Narenda lost the case. Also, The author comments that Facebook revolutionized the world with adding cool features such as the like button. Users, with the like button, could give their friends a thumbs up to their posts. Websites joined in on the fun and integrated their content with Facebook so people with an account could like content. Sometimes I wonder if Facebook ever thought about putting a thumbs down button like YouTube. Mark Zuckerburg’s boldness has gotten through various hardships.

Mark Zuckerburg shows a hefty amount of qualities of a hero. For one, he gets through the difficult times without losing hope. This can also be said about my sister, Anusha Gangani. My sister struggled to get along with other children since not knowing English which translated into social awkwardness. Eventually she found some friends and they were a big help with the language. My family, at the time, also had financial troubles. They came to America with no money. My sister was a big reason my family did not totally fall apart. I guess my family fits the criteria of “started from the bottom, now we’re here. My sister is now studying at Loyola University in Chicago to become a doctor. Mark Zuckerburg dropped out of college to put more time into Facebook not knowing how well it would turn out to be. He just kept going wherever the company took him. At this point, the company has took him and stuffed money in all of his pockets-35.7 billion dollars to be exact. Anusha’s life and Zuckerburg’s life both involved coming into the world and not knowing where they were going to go.

From both Mark and Anusha, I have been given the important lesson to look at all of the options before I commit to one. If I were to ever meet Mark Zuckerburg, I would definitely have to ask what his drive was. Did he want to innovate for the people or did he look to just make money as an entrepreneur? I think he would tell me to get lots of experience in something I want to do. I would get lessons privately just like he did and go to summer activities that involve what I want to do. Anusha would ask for some tips for after college life. While Anusha and Mark encountered different life experiences, both are set to thrive right now, and in the future. I will use these morals and live by it as my motto.

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