Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of May 28th-31st

Last Newsletter!

Alright, here it is! The last newsletter of the year! I have so enjoyed this class and all of the families! Thank you for making my transition to Sommer so easy. I will cannot wait to see the kids next year in 3rd grade and hear about their summers! I will have a great summer as well; in June, Susie (my daughter) will be busy on the Sendero Springs Marlin Swim Team and I will get to clean house, watch daytime T.V., and just get things done! July will be awesome as Susie will go to camp for 4 weeks while I go to London to visit my sister! I cannot wait to see the sights, travel around England, and accumulate treasures to share with my future class! I will be visiting the Roald Dahl Museum and bring home things to have in my classroom next year...Just ask the kids, I LOVE Roald Dahl! Anyways, summer is around the corner and I truly hope your child gets the break he/she deserves...Still taking time to read daily, of course :) (please see below for Summer HW!)

Student Appreciation Week!

For the last week of school, students will enjoy a week where I treat them to something special everyday! Please make sure you look at the handout that was in the Thursday Folders so you can help your student be prepared for each day.

Tuesday: Game Day Your student is allowed to bring board games, cards, Bop-Its, and other fun games to school. No electronics please! I do not want to be responsible for expensive toys. Please make sure to label the games with your student's name.

Wednesday: Pump It Up Day Your student is allowed to bring fun outdoor toys for our extra recess! No lacrosse sticks please! Good ideas for toys are: bubbles, chalk, balls, jump ropes, kites, etc.

Thursday: Autograph Day and Movie Day Your student will receive a 2nd Grade Memories book from yours truly to get signatures and autographs from their friends! They may also bring/wear their Class T-Shirt and have their friends sign it! In the afternoon, we will watch a movie and have popcorn! Yum!

Friday: Pajama Day, Read-In Day, and Party Day: Wear your favorite p.j.'s to school, bring a pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal, and have a nice morning reading to self. Your student may fill his/her backpack with books and school appropriate magazines to read. After lunch/recess and specials, we will have our End of Year Ice Cream Party! You are welcome to come to the party and sign your student out at the end of the day from the classroom.

Report Cards

Report Cards will go home next week. You may keep the yellow envelope.

Summer Homework...Wait, WHAT?

Yep, you heard me! I am telling the kids that they DO have homework over the summer! If they give you ANY lip about it, please tell them that Mrs. Cormack is their teacher until the first day of 3rd grade and she will come to your house and put tallies in their agendas until it is done. Just kidding! But really, I do have some things I am asking the students do daily over the summer:

1. Read for 30 minutes every day. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Get on my website and find the "Summer Links" page. Go to at least one website every other day.

3. Become my Pen Pal by writing me a letter! I will provide them with a stamped envelope on the last day of school.

4. Have fun and be ready to share what they did over the summer with me next year!

Berry Cool with Spencer!

Spencer won the auction at the carnival and we met up and had frozen yogurt at Berry Cool! It was fun!

Spotlight Stallion

The entire class are Spotlight Stallions this week! They are all so wonderful and I love them all very much! Way to go, guys!