A Vision for Vista

Raising its profile

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Encourage text donations through JustTextGiving

It's quick, easy and memorable.

1. Go to: https://justtextgiving.vodafone.co.uk/
2. Set up the page:
3. Choose the unique text code
4. Advertise it everywhere!
- in charity shops, in the mobile support service, in care homes

- on volunteer and staff T shirts
- on postcards / business cards for volunteers and service users to give out

A fun campaign with a serious message


Raising serious issues about eye protection plus a way to raise funds.

- post a picture of yourself on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) wearing sunglasses (where you are and what sunglasses you're wearing isn't important)

- raises the profile of protecting your eyes from the sun: "I'm looking after my eyes!"

- include the text donation information
- post on Vista home pages, but also post in groups
- encourage staff, volunteers and stakeholders to do it too

- #SilliestSunglasses competition for local school children to decorate sunglasses?

- 'Did you know' medical infographics to support campaign on Pinterest?

Promote partnerships with local companies

- Visit local business meetings / networking forums (Working Breakfasts, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce training sessions, College Court seminars),
- Promote sponsorship / partnership arrangements

- Promote text giving

- Promote the #SunglassesSelfie campaign

- Encourage fundraising packages and staff volunteering from local companies who wish to raise their profile: e.g. estate agents, solicitors, accountants, etc. & national companies with specific aims: e.g. opticians, eyewear manufacturers, etc.