Tomorrow Will Be The 9th Day

What is The Poetry Cirucs

The Poetry Circus was inspired by the release of the collection, In the Circus of You published by Rose Metal Press . The Poetry Circus is part workshop, community outreach, performance, ride, dance, and creations. This community focused and driven event blurs the line between performer and audience to allow everyone the chance to run away and join the circus.
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Please, let me tell you a story.

California has no water. This isn’t a new story for a desert, but it is our felt-story at the moment.

Los Angeles has a river and this river was converted into a cement channel. This channel might soon be transformed back into a river; this is how much we miss water.

Tomorrow, Saturday April 25th, we will be celebrating this river at Verse the River. Please come. Please bring your families. This is an event for all ages, all people; it is free. My son JJ and I are going to be hosting a poetry-craft station for children that focuses on the ideas of Reduce, Reuse, and recycle. I'm excited to celebrate water with children; children seem to fully understand the joy found in water.


April 25, 2015 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm


Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve
6339 Woodley Avenue
Lake Balboa, CA 91406

Verse the River with Red Hen Press, the Poetry Society of America, & Project 51!

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Please, let me tell you another story.

The day of the first Poetry Circus it rained. It hadn’t rained more than ten days all year, and it rained on this one day—the one day that I placed every penny and hour of my past three months on—all down the drain, as they say. Or so I thought...

I thought no one would come. No one goes out in the rain in L.A. Rain is foreign and therefore often mistaken for dangerous. But because of many gracious friends, poets, and language enthusiast, over 300 people came.

People came. Poetry was read. Children danced. And the rain waited. It waited!

The clouds where full of threats, but not a single drop. Not until the last guest had left and the final few boxes of supplies where packed away, did the sky open up and pour and pour and pour down, down, down.

I stood in the rain. I loved that rain.

Please love this circus. There is something in this that makes the rain pause.