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Soup Can Swimming Challenge

It's Time for a Greenville Splash April Swim Challenge!

I know we are going crazy being out of the water right now, but this will be a super fun way to keep in touch with swimming! I want to introduce you to Soup Can Swimming! For the month of April try to do three soup can swim workouts per week. For all those that participate you will get a prize! And of course our grand winner will receive a huge prize!

The fine print: Log your soup can workouts. You must email or message pictures of yourself doing the workouts to Coach Leslie during the month of April. Send me your total number of workouts on April 30th! To submit entries send an email to:

When I was a high school swim coach, I would have my swimmers do workouts similar to this on rainy days. And then I saw one of my swim friends, Michael Collins from California post these swim can workouts on their team facebook page and youtube. I started doing these workouts this week, and I love it! I know you will too! Vary your workouts by using different size cans! Our older swimmers can use smaller cans and our younger more experienced swimmers can break out commercial size cans!

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Introduction Video

Soup Can Swimming Intro by Michael Collins

Where to Find Soup Can Swim Workouts

Michael Collins is the head coach of Nova Masters Swimming in Orange County California. He is posting the workouts on their team Facebook page: Nova Masters Swimming Program.

He is also posting the workouts on Youtube: Search Soup Can Swimming Michael Collins and subscribe to his page. I met Michael back in my early years of Masters Swimming while living in Houston, Texas and Long Beach, California. Michael has years of experience as a swim coach at the collegiate and Masters level.

Soup Can Swim Practice #1

Soup Can Swimming Practice #1 - Fast Friday, by Michael Collins

Soup Can Swim Practice #2

Soup Can Swim Practice 2 Middle Distance Freestyle with Michael Collins

Soup Can Swim Practice #3

Soup Can Swimming Practice #3 - April Fools Special Edition. Big Wednesday "Long Course"

Have Fun!

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Reach Out

Greenville Splash is a family! Please reach out to your teammates and lane mates. Check in with others to see how they are feeling and also to provide support for staying fit in other ways. I am truly missing everyone so much! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you during this time of being out of the water. I love all of you. The hardest part of being in quarantine is missing the feeling of the water and the friendships that have formed through out the years of Greenville Splash Masters Swimming. Please stay in touch...I would love to receive phone calls, messages, or emails.
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