Mid-June Updates!

Incentive Earners, Hoopla, & Sponsoring Help Next Week!

Dear 1st Impressions Team,

CONGRATULATIONS to the 1st 5 of you who earned this fun KEEP bracelet for being the 1st teammates to sell 1000 pqv this month! This will be gorgeous splash of color to wear at the beach and pool this summer with our S&D line!:

Melissa Spiers
Martine Benoist
Heather Stephens
Anne De Charette De La Contrie
Katie Fitzgerald

And Congratulations to our International Hoopla-Attending Team Who to Date has Achieved their pre-Hoolpa Challenge

These fabulous Hoopla-attending teammates sold a min of 500 pqv and have sponsored 1+ this month! They're coming into Hoopla STRONG!

I can't wait for personal coaching sessions when I get to London (or before!) with:

Valerie Lawrence
Jo Markwick
Agathe Ganet
Sheena Robb
Sonya Murray

** I know many of you have and will also hit the 1000 pqv for the Special Toast at the EU Hoopla!

Congratulations to our US SHINE BRIGHT T-SHIRT EARNERS!!!

You DID it! You sold 1500+ pqv in May!!! That's a wonderful accomplishment. Now you've got a big crew of people to book June and July with! Fantastic!!

Julie Lutz

Deborah Brosnan

Kristen Weiss

Sarah Pearsall

Melanie Allesi

Carrie McGraw

Jackie Glasscock

Sarah Zengo

Marnie Kamensky

Ricki Benjamin

Wendy Procops

kristine Mallory

Heather Stephens

Colleen Yoo

Carolyn Peters

Andrea Roell

Rosemarie Connell

Aree Wichman

Heather Swett

Kim Bender

Melissa Spiers

Rossa Williams

Cristina Bethune

Pamela Thomas

Shelly Hunt

Maria Barrett

Amy Lapine

Tara D'Onofrio

Allison Schnaer

Leigh Montgomery

Elizabeth doherty

Katherine Quick

Alicia Longtin

Nicole DaPra

Annemarie Pease

Melanie Delcore

Jill Forchielli

Heather Dodge

Tanya Roux

Michelle Colasante

Dianne Helton

Olivia Reininger

Rachel Mustone

Julie Berrigan

Emily Douglass

We're going to be one smashing group wearing these at Hoopla!

Speaking of HOOPLA, I can't wait to WHOOP IT UP in VEGAS with these amazing teammates!

Andrea Roell

Annemarie Pease

Carrie McGraw

Cindy Hanshaw

Debbie Brosnan

Donna Camarda

Ginger Pingree

Heather Stephens

Julie Berrigan

Julie Lutz

Katie Quick

Katie Smith

Kim Bender

Kimberly Ribich

Laura Demerle

Leigh Montgomery

Maria Barrett

Melanie Delcore

Melissa Spiers

Nicole DaPra

Orlagh Pawlyk

Pamela Thomas

Rosemarie Connell

Stephanie Fahmy

If you are not on the list and are coming, please let me know so we can all communicate our plans, celebrate and get motivated together!

Here's a link to our Hoopla Team Page if you are coming: https://www.facebook.com/groups/476287119196243/

THERE'S STILL TIME TO REGISTER FOR THE BEST EVENT OF THE ENTIRE YEAR! DON'T MISS OUT if you're looking to move your business forward. You won't regret this!

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Have you joined in our Crown Jewels (bigger team) Push for Associate Stylist Call Series?

Join your Executive Leadership Team each Monday night in JUNE for exclusive tips and practices to help you make this June your best yet! There are great weekly prizes too!

Let us help you promote to Associate Stylist+! You deserve this bracelet, the extra commissions, and the extra fun in working with YOUR team :)

You can find the past recordings on our CJ PUSH FOR ASSOCIATE STYLIST Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/435289316643273/


JUNE'S NEW STYLIST REBATE OFFER IS AMAZING! ** Let me help you sponsor this month! **

Since I'll be in London for the EU Hoopla in two weeks...next week I'm going GANGBUSTERS on PROSPECTING!!

If you'd like to layer your income, why not join me in reaching out to your friends, hostesses, customers, family, etc?

Next week I'm offering daily calls and an in-person meeting for you to invite your prospects to. Invite away and I'll help you seal the deal by explaining my story and answering their questions. With so many options, hopefully your prospect can tune into one.


US: 605-781-0005

UK: 44 (0) 330 606 0182

FR: 33 (0) 7 55 50 01 94

* Access Code: 348939

Playback Numbers:

US: 605-781-0009

UK: 44 (0) 330 606 0719

FR: 33 (0) 7 55 50 01 98

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Finally...How to best book in tight in June?


It's the perfect reason to reach out. Grab the girlfriends and connect over fun spring style before everyone heads in different directions.

Go ahead, make those calls and offer up this fun opportunity. No one's going to do it for you so you've just got to pick up the phone. I know you can do this! And guess what...I'm doing it right along with you :)
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Have a great day!

Carrie McGraw
Senior Director & Founding Leader