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Read, Write, and Learn @ the PAC Library

Click on the above link to take the END-OF-THE-YEAR Library survey. Information from this survey helps to create a better library for both teachers and students.

Clay Evans won first place in the state reading fair!

This is Clay's second year to participate in the Mississippi Department of Education annual Reading Fair. Last year's board Ghosts in the Fog placed fourth in the state round of competition.

Researching @ the Library: Magnolia Full-Text Poetry Database

Since 1996, April has been deemed National Poetry Month by the Academy of American Poets. According to the Academy, the concept is to widen the attention of poets and their words. To help support the Academy of American Poets' mission, MAGNOLIA has a Poetry Database which consists of 12 different full-text electronic sources.

Technology @ the Library: Adding a "VOICE" to your SAMR Lessons

Teachers will be able to add a "VOICE" to their lessons starting in August. I will be purchasing a microphone that will allow a group of students to be recorded without having to start and stop. Socratic Seminars and Class Debates could be recorded, uploaded and shared with other classes to get different prospectives (REDEFINITION level).

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