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Beginning of Year "Frequently Asked Questions"

Welcome back to School! We are all anxious and excited to once again be back together. As we start the 2021-22 school year with in-person instruction on Tuesday, August 10th, we know some of our families may have questions so we have created this "Beginning of Year FAQ" to address what we think you may want to know.

We want to ensure our families that the safety of our students and staff remain a top priority in all our preparations for this school year. The district has created a Safe Return to School Plan that is available on our district website. We have referenced the district's information from that plan for all health and safety questions.

We encourage you to review the questions and resources in this newsletter to help you prepare for the school year. We remain committed to partnering with our families to provide each student the best learning experience possible this school year. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the special education department at 281-498-8110 ext. 83228.

Nicole Roberts

Director of Special Education

When Does School Start?

Tuesday, August 10th is the first day of school! School arrival and dismissal times are...

Pre-K & ECSE 1/2 Day Morning: 7:55 am - 11:30 am

Pre-K & ECSE 1/2 Day Afternoon: 11:45 am - 3:20 pm

Pre K & ECSE Full Day: 7:55 am - 3:20 pm

Elementary: 7:55 am - 3:20 pm

Intermediate: 8:35 am - 3:50 pm

Middle School: 8:40 am - 4:00 pm

High School: 7:10 am - 2:35 pm

We can't wait to see our students!

Health & Safety Questions

Are face masks required this year?

At this time, the Alief Safe Return to School Plan indicates Face Coverings will be optional for all staff and students (grades PK-18+) to wear at their personal discretion and preference. Personal choice about mask wearing is always to be respected by all staff, students, parents, and visitors.

  • Alief ISD will continue to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for all employees and students.
  • Campus clinics will have facial coverings and other PPE items available for any employee or student upon request.

What if my child is considered "high-risk" due to their disability?

Our district's Safe Return to School Plan FAQ states that students with disabilities that are at "high- risk" due to health and safety concerns associated with their disability may benefit from homebound instruction to meet their long-term needs. This change of placement decision will be made by the student’s ARD/IEP committee following district protocols.

ARD/IEP Questions

Can my child's IEP be changed?

Yes. At least once a year a meeting must be scheduled with you to review your child’s progress and develop your child’s new annual ARD/IEP. However, you don’t have to wait for this annual review. You (or any other team member) may ask to have your child’s IEP reviewed or revised at any time.

The meeting to revise the IEP will be similar to the ARD/IEP meeting described above. The team will talk about:

  • your child’s progress toward the goals in the current IEP;
  • what new goals should be added; and
  • whether any changes need to be made to the special education and related services your child receives.

This annual ARD/IEP meeting—or any periodic ARD/IEP review you might request—allows you and the school to review your child’s educational program and make adjustments as necessary.

Who is my child's case manager?

Your child's case manager is usually the special education teacher that services your student. The case manager is responsible for making sure your child's special education services and supports are in place and being provided in the manner outlined in the ARD/IEP document. Your child's case manager is your primary point of contact for all things related to special education. They will also keep you posted on your child's progress and let you know if there are any concerns that come up on the school's end.

Case managers are assigned at the campus level. If you have not connected with your special education case manager within the first few weeks of school, reach out to the campus or special education department to facilitate the contact.

(ARD) IEP Case Managers: A guide for parents (

How can I help my child make progress towards their IEP at home?

During the ARD/IEP meeting, discuss strategies on how to support your child to make progress on their IEP goals while at home. This can be done while working on homework, conversations before and after school, or during common activities such running errands and grocery shopping. Be sure to share any schedules, routines, or strategies that support your child at home with their academic and functional needs. If you notice that your child is becoming overwhelmed with assignments or tasks, ask your child’s general education teacher or special education case manager for some possible solutions to help in that situation.

Transportation Questions

What bus does my child ride?

Alief ISD Special Transportation is committed to providing safe and timely transportation for your child. Together with your assistance and cooperation, we can make this happen. If your student has special education transportation, you should have received a letter stating:

  1. The Bus #,
  2. The Bus Stop location, and
  3. The estimated time of pick-up/drop-off.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your estimated pick-up/drop-off time. For special education transportation questions, please call (281)983-8490.


If your student is in kindergarten OR the ARD/IEP paperwork indicates an adult MUST be present for drop-off, an authorized adult must be at the designated drop-off location for the student to exit the bus. If an adult is not present to receive the student, the bus driver will complete their route and then take the student back to their campus where you will need to pick them up.

What do I do if we moved this summer?

  • If you moved within the Alief ISD boundaries, please contact your campus immediately to update your address.

  • If you have a question about the schools associated with your new address, simply type your new address into this Zoning By Address Link for a list of eligible Alief ISD schools and general education bus information.

  • If your child receives special education transportation, please call the campus AND the special transportation offices immediately to update their route with the new pick-up/drop-off location (281) 983-8490.

What if I need to change the way my child will be getting home?

You must contact the campus directly with transportation changes for your child. For example, if your child is normally a walker, but you are going to pick them up from school, you must call and report the change in transportation. If the campus does not receive notification, they will send your child home as you indicated on the transportation form.

Contact the campus special education department for special education transportation changes. Depending on your child's ARD/IEP paperwork, an ARD/IEP meeting may be needed to start and/or stop special education transportation.

General School Questions

Can I meet with my child's teacher?

Alief ISD elementary campuses are hosting in-person meet the teacher events before school this year. Secondary campuses typically have their meet the teacher event during the first open-house meeting a few weeks into the school year. This is a great opportunity to create a relationship and establish communication between the home and school.

Each campus selects their dates. Contact your campus or visit your campus website to learn more about these special events. Go to the homepage and click on "Schools" in the upper right corner.

Where Do I Find the School Supply Lists?

What's for breakfast?

All Alief ISD students receive a universal free breakfast. The 2021-22 breakfast pricing for adults is $2.75.

PreK Breakfast Menu

Elementary Breakfast Menu

Intermediate Breakfast Menu

Middle School Breakfast Menu

High School Breakfast Menu

What's for lunch?

All Alief ISD students receive lunch at no charge. The 2021-22 lunch pricing for adults is $4.25.

Prek Lunch Menu

Elementary Lunch Menu

Intermediate Lunch Menu

Middle School Lunch Menu

High School Lunch Menu

I need some help!

Parenting a child with a disability can be challenging under normal circumstances. During this time of "special circumstance", we are ready and willing to support our families while you are providing academic, behavioral, communication and functional supports to your child at home. If you would like someone from the Special Education Department to contact you, simply complete this "Request" form indicating your need and we will contact you directly.

Request for Special Ed Contact/Support (English)

Solicitud para Education Especial Apoyo/Contactar (Spanish)