Fun in First

Hillside First Grade Team

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Mark Your Calendar

  • Friday, Sept. 15 - Hillside Family Picnic 6:00-7:30 PM (see photo below)
  • Sept. 18 thru 29 - Food Drive Competition (see photo below)
  • Tuesday, Sept. 19 - First Grade Field Trip 9:15-11:30 AM (see photo below)
  • Friday, Sept. 22 - Hillside Spirit Day (see photo below)
  • Friday, Sept. 22 - Hillside Homecoming Float Decorating 5:30-7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, Sept. 27 - Tiger of the Month Assembly 2:15-2:45 PM

What did you do at school today?

  • Subtracting strategies (count backward, count on, use cubes, draw pictures, etc.)
English Language Arts
  • Book: Waiting for the Biblioburro
  • Story Map (character, setting, problem, solution)
  • Creating a tableau
  • Common and Proper Nouns
  • Verbs (present and past tense)
  • Writing a complete sentence
Foundational Skills Reading
  • Reading and writing words with the short /e/ sound
Social Studies
  • Why is it important to learn from each other?
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Please send headphones

We use our iPads throughout the day to practice some reading and math skills. It helps your child hear the device better when they have personal headphones. Thank you to the families who have already sent one.


For first-graders, sometimes it seems like such a long stretch between breakfast and lunch, which is at 12:40!! We allow the students to bring their own healthy snacks daily. We do stress the word “healthy.” This would include a piece of fruit, veggies, energy bars, granola bar, cheese/wheat crackers, etc. We are trying to stay away from processed food, fried foods, or high-sugar foods. We do have a scheduled snack break each day. Please, please, please send your child a snack daily. This snack gives them energy, ability to focus, and most importantly helps with hunger pangs. A helpful way to remember is by placing 5 snacks inside your child's backpack at the beginning of the week.

We highly encourage your child to bring a water bottle. This needs to be spill-proof (no straws). We don’t need to spill water on our iPads or workbooks. The best kind of water bottle is one that does not cause condensation. Condensation causes puddles on desks which causes papers to get wet. Yuck! Thermos brand or double insulated bottles do not condensate. Please help remind your child to bring them home to be washed and filled with ice cubes. We have water fountains that fill water bottles hands-free!
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For students who enjoy wearing non-athletic shoes, please keep an extra pair of tennis shoes and socks inside your child's backpack. This way, they can safely enjoy physical education.
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Birthdays are such an exciting thing to celebrate during the school year for each child. If your child has a summer birthday, we would love to celebrate them during the month of May.

If you wish to send treats, please send individually wrapped treats and napkins. Please refer to the district-approved candy and snack list that you can download below. Please respect this list so that ALL students will be able to enjoy the treats.

Pencils, stickers, and other small trinkets are acceptable as well.

Here are the class numbers as of our current schedule:

Mrs. Riffner currently has 20 students.

Ms. Shirkey currently has 20 students.

Ms. Skiles currently has 19 students.

District Approved Snack List

This list is only used when you are providing snacks for an entire classroom.

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Contact With Us

Please call the main office (402-390-6450) if you have an urgent message that needs our attention (such as after school arrangements change), otherwise, you may contact us for non-urgent messages via Seesaw.