The Scientific Process

Think like a scientist

Testable vs Untestable Questions

Testable Questions: Can be measured or observed. Only one variable is changed.

Untestable Questions: Too many variables or opinion based.

Complete the quiz on

  • Be sure to select Testable vs Untestable
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Go to the link below and make up your own testable question. Remember that testable questions can be measured or observed.

Hypothesis Video

Go to your Google Drive and watch the hypothesis video I shared with you.

Hypothesis Demonstration

A hypothesis is an educated guess or prediction that is testable and measurable. Watch the video below.

Complete the Google form after the video.

Making Observations

Scientists make observations that are....

1. Scientific

2. Specific

3. Measured

4. Quantitative - measure something

Read the two pages about observations then answer the quiz questions.

Scientific vs Unscientific Padlet

1. Pick one of the objects out of the box.

2. Make one scientific observation of your object.

3. Make one unscientific observation of your object.

4. Go to and post your scientific and unscientific observations.

Collecting Data

Scientists collect data using...

  • Use tools that work
  • Do the experiment more than once
  • Follow procedures
  • Only 1 variable changes
  • Record data as you go

Making Predictions

Predictions are not wild guesses. Weather forecasters use tools, experience, and computers to predict weather.

In the comments section, tell me why these are good predictions.

Weather Predictions

Go to you Google Drive and watch the Weather Predictions video.

Planning an Experiment

Go to and answer the questions.