Visualizing with Technology

by Oris Key

How paint, draw program and digital photography, video support personal visualization skill

Programs help interpret and represent visual ideas by providing palettes of tools the user can manipulate to demonstrate mental images and thoughts.

Image digital drawing titled Afghan Girl

Visualization tools for learning domains of knowledge

Utility Comparisons
  • Scientific world can often be too large or too small to visually perceive, phenomena visualization such as mitosis or water molecules
  • Seeing algebra or calculus plots aids in understanding the dynamics of mathematics. By being able to manipulate formulas and equations and observe the effects of that manipulation.

Geography Information System

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"Teachers must be willing to let go of their students go..."

Geography Information System in the Classroom

Actual applications to solving potentially complex social and environmental problems. And provides the student support for spatial thinking.

Google Earth a 3-D interface; provides major contribution to providing mapping information via satellite imagery. Layers of information to include terrain, boarders, traffic which allow students the ability to interact in multiple ways.

One student from Chelsea, MA worked with a local fire department to design and react to a simulated toxic chemical spill, by tracking the spill, rerouting traffic, and warning the public.

50 strange things on Google earth

Imagine the things your students could discover!