Nurture with Nova

Self-Care Tips for Teens

What is this? And why am I getting it?

To nurture means to care for and encourage the growth or development of someone or something.

We all play a part in nurturing something - our families, our friendships, animals, plants, even our streaks and instagram posts.

It can be challenging to care for and nurture all those in our life -- most importantly ourselves.

We can not pour from an empty cup.

This monthly newsletter is designed to encourage, inspire, and support self-care so that we may Feel Our Best, Do Our Best, and Be Our Best Selves.

It's not WHAT you are doing, It's HOW you are doing it....

We can exercise all we want, but if we are beating ourselves up while we are doing it, we are not maximizing the nurturing benefits of that exercise.

"I should be stronger."

"I should be faster."

"I must look silly doing this."

Sound familiar? Sure, movement is good for our bodies and minds. Why not make it even more beneficial by incorporating some mindfulness into your exercise routines/practices.


Good question. It's not as easy as it sounds. It takes practice - just like every other skill we acquire through our lives. Here are a few ideas/suggestions to try:

1. Set an intention for your workout BEFORE you engage in it. For example:

"I intend to be kind to myself while trying this new workout."


"I intend to be aware of what my body is feeling while I lift today."

2. Name it to tame it. If you find yourself 'self-shaming', pick a name for it. It could be your 'Should-Monster', your 'Negative Nelly', or maybe 'Karen'. Name it anything you want, and then politely boot it out the door.

3. Make a game out of it! If you notice any thought trains running away from your intention, take the wheel and steer yourself away from that train and back on track to a nurturing workout. You may have to do this thousands of times. It will get easier and easier the more times you do it.

4. Explore with compassion and kindness. Nothing speaks louder than our own thoughts.

We get to choose what we think about.

That's right. We can choose thoughts that are self-harming, or we can choose thoughts that support our overall health and well-being. We can notice, through awareness and compassion, when our thoughts may be harmful and we can reach for better feeling thoughts.

Quote of the Month

“In each moment you are nurturing or damaging your relationship with yourself.”
Sam Owen

About Nova

Nova is a Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement Educator. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Level II Practitioner with a Bachelors in Recreation Therapy and a Masters in Public Administration. Nova is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and is a self-proclaimed Joy Enthusiast. She is a Student Assistance Counselor/Mindfulness Educator through Pivot and is located at Case Middle School in Watertown, NY.

Looking for some more information/support?

Email Kris Conners at at Watertown High School or Nova Schenk at at Case Middle School.