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March 26, 2015

Open Discussion

  • Feedback: How are Trumbull County Library Media Specialists evaluated? (Responses Here)
  • Feeback: February's Kapco Workshop -- Did you attend?
  • Other Discussion

NEOMIN Spring Trainings

  • April 21, 2015 - Statistic & Collection Analysis (AM & PM)
  • May 14, 2015 - Library Inventory Process (AM & PM)

End-of-Year Checklist for Librarians

  • A suggestive list of tasks to be completed before the end of school.

INFOhio District/Building ICoach Program FY16

  • 153 ICoaches now (renew mid-March)
  • March 5- April 15 (Applications available)
  • Training - via Blackboard (May-Aug)
  • Librarians, aides, teachers, principals

INFOHIO tech skills for online testing pearltree - Whitelist

  • The link below lists the web-based resources, excluding INFOhio resources , that are listed on the INFOhio Tech Skills for Online Testing PearlTree.
  • The purpose of this list is to help technology coordinators, library media specialists and teachers to know the direct URL for the web-based resources to be able to include on the whitelist for school filtering software.

Ohionet Member library discounts

  • Discount on equipment, supplies, and databases
  • Toolkit page, flyer section (forward to Librarians & Treasurers)
  • Did anyone participate in the free trials (Feb 1 - Feb 27)?

Need to purchase a new Barcode Scanner?

  • Discounts through RACO Industries
  • Contact: Lisa Kramer, 1-800-446-1991 x2549

NEW INFOhio Handbook Video Tutorials

  • 15 videos were made available from Karen Coy (retired ITC support person)
  • Topics include cataloging, searching, inventory, and wizards

Storia: Pilot Year Statistics

  • 50% of 4th grade classrooms in Ohio have signed-up
  • 2,600+: Teacher Access Codes distributed
  • INFOhio working on securing availability for next year

World Book: New Interfaces!

  • World Book Kids (Released Feb 20)
  • World Book Student & Advanced (new interface scheduled for release Mar 20) -- NOT simultaneous access to both current and new interfaces. INFOhio may wait until summer to implement.

World Book Kids

  • Device agnostic
  • Predictive search
  • Explore (formerly Article Browse)
  • Feature container (hide/show)
  • New article layout -- splash imagery on left, tabs across top (Article, "Pictures, Videos, and More", More information, Contents, Tools)
  • Feature Container -- Activities ("For Grownups" includes lesson plans), Games (50+ games corresponding to curricular subjects. Sorting, matching, crosswords, multiple choice, puzzles), Compare Places, Science Projects (20+)
  • For Educators >> Educator Tools (Curriculum Correlations, Lesson Plans)

EBSCO: NEW explora interface

  • Searchasaurus, KidsSearch, and Student Resource Center replaced by "Explora" (End-of-life, June 30th, 2015)
  • Secondary Explora looks a lot like "Points of View Reference Center" by EBSCO
  • INFOhio to determine best options / features / databases for various audiences
  • INFOhio will make the interface available to Providers and ICoaches, and then to users

Compulsory Return Dates

You can request a CRD for an entire district, or for a specific library building. Before you complete this year’s survey, you need to review the 2015 and 2016 CRD dates. If you need to change these dates, please email me. Otherwise, please complete the survey below to submit dates for 2017-18.

First, check your existing 2015-16 CRD’s:

· To view your CRD dates:

· Select your school and enter "admin" as the login, click ENTER

· From the toolbar, select "Other..." and then select "Policies NOTE: A SECOND WINDOW/TAB WILL OPEN

· Select your district from the drop-down. Once your policies display, scroll to the bottom to view the Compulsory Return Dates that are currently setup. Review the 2015-16 dates.

Second, complete the survey linked below...

New NEOMIN Helpdesk

  • NEOMIN is implementing a new helpdesk system called Cherwell Service Management.
  • Student Service volunteers are testing the functionality of the helpdesk portal. (Technology Coordinators were also shown the new system.)
  • The attendees of this meeting will be shown how to log into the new helpdesk portal.
  • Full implementation to all NEOMIN users -- Fall 2015.

Next Meeting

  • April 30, 2015 at 1:00 PM, NEOMIN Lab
  • Presenter: Andria Morningstar-Gray, Lakeview High School
  • Note: This is the last user meeting for the year.

The purpose of the library user group is to form collaborative relationships and share expertise relative to library and information services among Trumbull and Ashtabula County library/media professionals.


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Autumn Roper

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