Discrimination and Women's Right's

Discrimination and Women's Rights Effecting the World Today

How has America been shaped by discrimination?

Well, America had a big transition in the 70's after the Revolutionary war. This is the time when discrimination started to come in to play. Housing and employment rates soared down as well as other areas in business. Back in the country is used to it and sometimes 70's discrimination was well known and normal but now its hard to pick out. Inequality and racial minorities are two things that have kept racism around. So many people in America are prejudice and stereo type that our Country is getting used to it and don't even realize that there it. One example of that is 1/3 of blacks have been overlooked for a job. This is how racial discrimination has shaped America.

Citizen support

As you can see below famous people such as Lebron James are fighting against discrimination. People are all helping evolve the world and get rid of discrimination. Also in the chart below it shows how white men are usually have a smaller punishment than Black people and Hispanic people.

What are examples of Discrimination in America currently?

The first example of a heart breaking story, is that a couple in Missouri Violated there neighbors rights and set there house on fire. The only reason they did this is because the neighbors were black. They wrote bad symbols like the swastika all over there driveway. Next at Buffalo Wild wings. A place to chill out , have some wings, and watch television. That is not exactly what happened in this situation. Two black patrons were kicked out of the restaurant because a white person said he was being "Threatened" by them.

Jail sentence

Finally the last example of discrimination, perhaps the worst also. There were two men that shot and killed to egyptian people. The men were sentenced to jail. Good thing they were in jail right, well the judge of the case only sentenced them to a short serving in jail. One of the kids even got to finish school before going to jail. these are some heartbreaking stories on discrimination.

Examples of discrimination in the world currently

One man named Alber Saber was sentenced to jail and a wild mob attacked his home. In prison he was attacked many times just because he was atheist which means he doesn't believe in god. This is how life was in the 1600!!! It shouldn't be this way. This happened in 2012. also America protects there people with government but in other places in the world there is no protection for them. Many of the people are discriminated and harassed because of their beliefs. .

Christian discrimination

Another example of discrimination is that over the past four years Christians have been discriminated by over 168 countries. In the world a lot of people think that everyone is free, but they're not. In Saudi Arabia and Indonesia people have many restrictions on freedom. These are some examples of discrimination in the world
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Why are people prejudice to each other.

When people judge others their is always a motive for them to be prejudice to each other. Their are very rare occasions where people judge other's and are mean to other's for no apparent reason. Sometimes the motive is caused by family members that abuse that person physically and mentally. So that person will take out their anger on anyone in sight.

You may think about this as just school problems but no it happens all over the world outside of school. The attacks from isis on paris was the most recent example. The most tragic one was no doubt 9/11/2001. This day forever left a mark on our country and it will never go away.

What are the major events of women's rights in the History?

All the way back in 1848 men agreed for women to have all rights. In 1850 a women's right's national convention took place and they began to have it yearly. Then on December 10th, 1869 the suffrage law was passed in Wyoming. Then in 1893 Colorado was the first state to adopt women's right's to vote. Then Utah and Idaho follow up and the train keeps on going. States keep adopting the law. Many women are gaining rights now and in 1920 the law is signed into the constitution. Now all women in the U.S have rights.
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How are women treated differently than men in America

Women are treated differently than men in many different ways. The problem is not as big as it used to be but it is still lingering. For example, on pay day women don't make nearly as much as men do. Also when men and women do group projects together the men tend to get more credit for doing it. A lot of shy women in America undersell themselves. This means they let everybody else have credit for something they didn't do.

Women are judged more on their performance than their potential.

Research shows that women have to show that they are capable of doing something and men only have to show there potential and they get accepted right away. This means that men are moving up fast in businesses and women aren't.
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How are women treated differently than men in the world currently?

In Saudi Arabia women are forced into marriage between ages 9-16. Women don't have nearly as much rights as men. Women are not allowed to leave their house at curtain times. Also all women are not allowed to drive or else their jobs will be taken away. Women also are held much lower standards than men. Women tend to be given less work from their boss because he doesn't expect her to be able to do a lot.

Parenthood bonuses

In the business world if men have a child the boss expects them to still put a lot of effort into the job. The men will get a fatherhood bonus. On the other hand some boss's think that if women have a child they will pay more attention to the child than the job. In this case the mom will get a motherhood penalty and will see a decrease in how much she is payed.

Key Famous people fighting for women's rights.

Well first we have to start off with Hillary Clinton. She has been fighting for women's rights ever since she was elected senate back in 2001. Hillary was the first female senate in American history. Her achievments showed that women can do much more than they think.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is now running for president. If she gains that position she will be discussing women's rights and inspiring women that they can accomplish many things. Hillary was inspired by martin Luther King Junior and she knew she wanted to do what he did. So as secretary of state she fulfilled her dream and fought for women's rights and against Discrimination.

Maria Bello fighting for women's rights

The award winning actress Maria Bello found her passion of women's rights as a junior in college. She began doing small things and then started to do other things that were much bigger. She helped all the women and men that were hurt in the earthquake of Haiti in 2010. Bello started to get mostly into women's rights when she became Homosexual.

Connections between Discrimination and The novel Make Lemonade

In the novel The 17 year old Jolly was discriminated against when she was fired from her job because she refused to have sex with her boss so he fired her on the spot. Now just because she doesn't want to do something it doesn't mean you have to fire her and make her and her family miserable. Another example is about 14 year old Lavaughn. She had big dreams of making it into college. Her mom told her that she will not be going to college. Obviously they are poor and don't have the money but the mom is pretty much saying that she probably doesn't have potential to get a scholarship because Lavaughn lives in a bad part of town with her mom and is expected to do drugs and ruin her life. this is like how some people in life are not expected anything because of how they look or where they live. This is how Discrimination is connected to the novel Make Lemonade.

Connections between Women's rights and the novel Make Lemonade.

The first example of a connection is About Jolly. She has had husbands that just had sex with her and once they realized she was pregnant they were gone for. They think that there life is going to be ruined and that Jolly will be fine taking care of the children just because she is a women. Women are expected things that men aren't. Also women are thought to hold much lower standards in life than men. This is going back to how Jolly was fired from her job. This is how women's rights are connected to Make Lemonade.
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