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Bishop Woods School Newsletter - 3.28.21

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Greetings Bishop Woods Families,

I hope this message finds you well. I have some important information for the week ahead.

Friday, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day and April is Autism Awareness Month! Stay tuned for more information on how we will celebrate throughout the month.

This week, grades 4 & 5 hybrid students will begin to attend 4 days a week. We look forward to seeing all in person students (both the A & B cohorts) on Monday. We will be separating the students in to two homerooms, so we are currently still able to adhere to 6 foot social distancing. If more students return, the distance between desks may be reduced to 3 feet.

Important: On Wednesday, March 31st, more than half of our staff members will be getting their second Covid vaccination. Due to the fact that staff members may feel ill (as this has been a pattern with the second shot), Thursday, April 1st, will be fully asynchronous for all students. They will log in to their Google Classrooms to complete their work independently. There will NO LIVE INSTRUCTION for in person or remote learners.

Friday, April 2nd there is no school in recognition of Good Friday.

Please note that Friday, April 9th is an early dismissal, and we will be off for April recess from April 12th - 16th.

Lastly, as you are now aware, we had 3 positive Covid cases last week. We have gone for a stretch of time without a case, but this is a reminder that we cannot get too comfortable, as we are still in a pandemic. Cases are no fault of anyone. We can only do our best to be as safe as possible. You can do your part by pre-screening your child every morning, and keeping him/her home from school if he/she is not feeling 100% healthy. If this is the case, follow up with Nurse Gloria who can provide you with further guidance. At the school level, staff will also be sure to stay home if they are not feeling well, and will continue to ensure that students remain socially distanced, wear masks responsibly, and wash/sanitize hands regularly. Additionally, even though the restriction has changed to 3-foot distancing, with our current in person numbers our desks can remain 6 feet apart at this time. We will continue to keep students cohorted and as far apart as possible, even with the 3-foot change.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

Have a great week ahead!

Mrs. Natalino

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Monday, 3/22 - Sabrina S. (Grade 1)

Tuesday, 3/23 - Farhan K. (Grade K)

Thursday, 3/25 - Mr. Paul (Assistant Building Manager)

Friday, 3/26 - Maleah C. (Grade 5), Esmatullah M. (Grade 6)

Sunday, 3/28 - Madison A. (Grade 8), Caden S. (Grade 2)

Tuesday, 3/30 - JJ P. (Grade 8), Jayden R. (Grade 1)

Wednesday, 3/31 - Abigail C. (Grade 7), Alexandra C. (Grade 7), Anakin S. (Grade 3)

Thursday, 4/1 - Juan R. (Grade 8)

Saturday, 4/3 - Prince G. (Grade 4), Stephanie G. (Grade 6), Sophie H. (Grade 2), Carson L. (Grade K), Noah P. (Grade 1), Ms. Bekech (Art Teacher), Ms. Rolfe (Speech & Language Pathologist)

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Save The Date...

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Important Information for 8th Grade Parents

Please check your email for an important message regarding promotion photos and year end events.

Also, please note that Magnet School placements will be sent out on Friday, April 2nd via email. The deadline to accept your child's placement is Friday, April 23rd. If you do not accept your placement by this date, it will automatically be declined. Please be sure to check your email regularly for important updates, and to reach out to our school counselor, Maria Nuterangelo, with any questions.

Important Message from Nurse Gloria re. Students with Asthma

Spring is coming. If your child has asthma, make sure there is an asthma action plan from doctor's office and inhaler in school, as we are unable to use a nebulizer at this time. If need asthma form, please contact Nurse Gloria.

Important Reminders for Parents of Hybrid Students

  • Remember to charge your child's device EVERY evening and to send it to school the next day.
  • Do not forget to pack your child a water bottle and supplies.
  • We will be going outside daily (especially now that the snow has melted), so please be sure to dress your child appropriately.
  • Please remember to pre-screen your child before sending him/her to school. If you need to give your child any kind of medicine due to how they are feeling in the morning, you must keep them home.
  • Your child can log in as a remote learner if they are feeling well enough to join class, and will be marked remote present for the day.
  • Please be sure to complete the Bishop Woods Student Absence Form if your child is not in school so that we have record of the reason, and whether or not our school nurse needs to reach out: https://forms.gle/6DZy4s7nWkxMHqc86

Gersch Grrrls Science You Tube Channel

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Healthy & Safety Protocols

You MUST pre-screen your child prior to sending him/her to school (Please see forms below). If you are keeping your child home, you MUST fill out the sick day for at the link below prior to 10am. If we do not hear from you, someone from our main office will be contacting you to check in.

Student Absence Form:


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Family Resource Padlet

Rather thank keeping all of this information on the newsletter each week, I have created a Bishop Woods Family Resource Padlet to house all of the important information and resources I have been sharing. The link is below: