Kids should NOT be on Facebook!

By: Sara Kate B.

First of all its Dangerous!!!!!!!

For example, your personal information could get into the wrong hands which puts you and your child in danger! The wrong people can get ...

  1. Phone numbers
  2. Addresses
  3. Photos
  4. Names

These things can be life threatening to the child and their families.

Inappropriate use

When kids are on Facebook their parents don't know what they are.....

  1. Posting
  2. Saying
  3. viewing

Also parents can't control what others are saying or doing that their child is viewing.

Lastly you can't take back what you have said online!!!!!!

Some kids don't always realize that what they say and do online can effect other people who read or look at it. This is something that kids do without thinking and when they are not under adult supervision. You might be able to take your post off of Facebook but you can't delete what other people have seen.

In conclusion kids should NOT be on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Facebook is not for kids for the following reasons: its dangerous, inappropriate use, and that you can't take back what you have said online!!!!

Whats your opinion?

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