Holifield Happenings

December 6, 2015

Upcoming Events

Dec. 9 (Wed) - Winter MAP testing - Math

Dec. 10 (Thurs) - Science Fair Project Plan Sheet # 4-9 due (see below for more info)

Dec. 15 (Tues) - Math Test

Dec. 16 (Wed) - PTO Spirit Night @ Bellacino's 5:30-8:00 Yum!

Dec. 17 (Thurs) - SS Test (Explorers); completed Science Fair Project Plan sheets due (# 10-12)

Dec. 18 (Fri) - PBIS Party Rock; Holiday Sing-a-long 1:30

Dec. 21-Jan.1 - Winter Break

Social Studies: We began our Explorers unit on Friday. I am hopeful that we will be able to have that test on Thursday, December 17th. Please plan for that date. If I see that we aren't going to complete the unit successfully, I will make a change. You should see your child's SS notebook everyday because they will need to review their new learning daily. For many children, just teaching you what they learned is enough of a review. The notebook should come home so you can tell if they are correct in their teachings. :-)

Reading: Book Clubs began this week! Mrs. Reeves emailed me last weekend and asked if I thought we could complete a round before Winter Break. So if it seems like this came out of nowhere, it did! I wasn't planning to begin Book Clubs until after Winter Break. :-) The children always enjoy them, and benefit from them, so I decided to join her!

Each day, your child will have a reading assignment that has been agreed upon by their club members during their meeting that day. They will record their thinking in their book club journal. The children will respond to book club writing prompts during our Writing time.

Science Fair Projects: I will finish meeting with children tomorrow about their questions/topics. Friday was hectic, but I tried to meet with those children that told me that their parents were eager for them to begin over the weekend. I don't have the packet in front of me, but I will be setting a deadline for the next section of the project plan sheet to be checked by me. Their entire project should be planned before we leave for Winter Break.

A couple of things to note:

1. Your child can move through the plan sheet all at one time and show it to me when they are ready. Some of them are ready to do the project now. The deadlines are not meant for your child. Have them approach me tomorrow morning with their packet and I can look it over and sign off on it.

2. The plan sheet has a place for your child to record books read (#4) and people interviewed (#5). This is not a requirement. The goal is research (#6). If they acquire that information on the internet from a credible source, that is fine with me.

In Math, the children are working at different paces on different things - all involving multiplication and division. I am still working on with a small group on long division, then we will work on problem solving as a class. When that is finished, we will have a major test on multiplying and dividing with multi-step word problems. This will likely happen on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (Dec. 15th or 16th).