Then VS. Now

Are children getting enough active play?

Is technology taking over active play?

Research shows, Grades 6 to 12 spend seven hours, 48 minutes each day on screens. What happened with playing outside for hours until dinner was ready, and then after dinner going back outside and playing until bed time????

Are parents over cautious?

In a recent poll 58 per cent of Canadian parents say they’re very concerned about keeping their kids safe and feel they have to be overprotective of them. Is this harming your child?? Shouldn't we let children be children? Anyone can get hurt, young or old. Although parents feel that keeping their child inside, will keep them safe and they won't get hurt. But really you as a parent are only hurting the child more. They aren't getting outside and being active, they aren't using their imagination, and most importantly they aren't socializing with others.