King George lll

By Kaden Wilz

Family Life

Wan King Georges father George died from lung abuse, King George replace him from the throne and became the new prince. Somewhere in the 1800's, George met a woman named Charlotte, got married.

Born in 1738-1820

Role in the Revoiution

Leading the British in the War. Also making all sorts of acts like the Stamp and Tea act.

3 important facts

  • George became king before the France and Indian War
  • He was the King
  • King George said "The colonists must either summit or triumph."

Famous For

Being the king of the British and Iceland so in the war, he had to lead the British to victory.

Patriot or Loyalist


Life after the Revoilution

After he lost the Revolutionary War his son George VL tool the throne wen King George Died