5月25日-もくようび --FINAL EXAM DUE TODAY!

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Today's Important Info:


    Your FINAL EXAM is DUE TODAY, May 25th!
      • Final exam= 1 attempt
      • Make sure you have a computer that can play the audio.
      • Have a computer that can type in Japanese!! (REQUIRED)
      • REMEMBER: DO NOT open any other windows while taking the exam or your exam will shut down and submit as is!! >o<

  • Please check your grades for your EOC Project. If you have not submitted this project, please do so ASAP!! Tomorrow is the LAST day to do so.
  • Please be sure to read the feedback, some of you did not do the project correctly, had missing parts, or didn't have working audio. Please read the feedback on that. If your feedback says to resubmit due to missing audio etc, please do so ASAP.

Go through your grades:

Make sure you are working on your missing work and submitting them ASAP from lessons 8-13! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

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Grammar Corner!!!

Some of you are writing your sentences like this in your EOC Project:


1. スポーツがきらいじゃありません or ではありません.


2. サッカーがにがてではありません。

*Remember that "ではありません or じゃありません both mean "is not/does not"

so the English translation for

1. I do not dislike sports.

2. I am not weak at soccer.

*Please be VERY careful with this, as well as your verb tense conjugations. This can make a huge difference in what you are saying.

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Click HERE: Check In Update Info Questionaire Form!!

Please complete his questionnaire. (This is REQUIRED for ALL students to do ASAP!)

Keep up the GOOD WORK!!! The SEMESTER is ALMOST OVER!! You can do it! ^_^
ホール先生 ^_^