O.C.D a Compulsive Disorder

By Sophie Garrison and Keisha Aikey

What O.C.D Stands For...

O stands for: Obsessive

C stands for: Compulsive

D stands for: Disorder

The Reason

People wonder why they have O.C.D, but there has been know known cause to why they have it. Scientists have tried to find out what has caused it, but has been unsuccessful.

Some people think that this may be the cause of O.C.D:


A combination of either neurobiological, genetic, behavioural, cognitive or environmental factors that trigger the disorder.


Abnormalities, or an imbalance in the neurotransmitter, or brain chemical, serotonin, could also be to blame.

These are not all of the reason's of what people or scientists think could be the cause of O.C.D.There are multiple reason's to what people or scientists think could be the cause of O.C.D.

Types Of OCD

Traditionally it has been thought that there are 3 main categories of O.C.D, However, typically a person’s O.C.D. will fall into one of the following four areas

  • Checking
  • Contamination/Mental Contamination
  • Ruminations / Intrusive Thoughts
  • Hoarding

This list categories are the most common forms of OCD and some of the fears associated with them. It is by no means an exhaustive list and there will always be forms of OCD that do not feature here, and obsessions or compulsions that are not listed either. However this does not mean it is definitely not OCD. Remember - if you are experiencing distressing and unwanted obsessions and compulsions, that impact significantly on your everyday functioning,this could represent a principal component in the clinical diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Some other types of OCD are

  • Getting scared of something for no reason.
  • Organization, on certain things.
  • everything needing to be symmetrical
  • AND many many many many many MANY more.

Personal connections

Sophie Garrison

The reason I picked O.C.D as my project topic is because I have O.C.D,and I have a few friends who do as well.

Keisha Aikey

The reason I picked O.C.D is because I have O.C.D.


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The link blow Is to a candy company for people With O.C.D


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This is a picture off a person's brain without OCD and a person's brain with OCD.