Dr. Jim Martinez

News and Items of Interest for NYIT SOE Students and Alumi

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish current and former students happiness and prosperity in the New Yew and make you aware of new and exciting things that we are working on here at NYIT.

A New Kind of School / Univeristy Partnership

Working with our Career Services department and the NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences we created a Service Learning program that took engineering students enrolled in a Career Discovery course and placed them in a volunteer situation in a Harlem public school. Our volunteer students had an impact on the technology being used in the school and the learning environment in the classroom. Here are some links that describe the event pictured above and our service learning project.

NYIT Article

WYNC Schoolbook.org article

If you are interested in learning more about Service Learning and getting student volunteers to support your school please contact me directly.

NYIT SOE Student / Alumni Special Interest Group

Last Spring during the Computer Coordinator course several students expressed an interest in creating a SIG or a special interest group. The intent was to organize something in the Fall 2012 semester but circumstances dictated putting the effort on hold. We would like to push forward on this now that we are in the Spring 2013 semester. Be on the lookout for something in your e-mail boxes in the coming days and weeks. Dr. McPherson has given the SIG a green light and we are getting ready to move forward.

Professional Development in Instuctional Technology, Collaboration and Teacher Mentoring

For the past year and a half I've been working with several District 3 schools and have provided customized instructional technology professional development based on Vygotsky's theories of human learning and development. This type of PD is very collaborative and is very specific to the circumstances in each of the participating schools. We are planning a culminating event to celebrate the work at each of the participating schools in June. We are currently planning to expand our professional development offerings.

I am reaching out to alumni and students to let them know that we are currently planning for next Fall and Spring. We would be happy to work with school administrators, coaches and specialists to incorporate specific needs into our PD programs.

Please contact me if you think there may be an interest or need at your school. We are developing our marketing materials and registration forms. We should be ready to have meetings at your schools by the end of January.

Dr. Jim Martinez

Dr. Martinez is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology in the NYIT School of Education Masters of Instructional Technology Program. He has varied interests and is always looking for new ways to introduce Vygotskian approaches to teaching and learning into New York City public schools. If you are interested in partnering on an innovative project at your school please contact him at 646.273.6141.