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horse riding with bare back and saddled

riding a horse bare back can be very tricky because you get to feel the back of a horse and even when the horse breaths or goes to take a very sharp corner you are at big risk you may fall off the horse. The name bare back is from the word Bare meaning it is in the open for example the horse had a bare back till the rider or owner put the saddle on the horses back back comes from when you dont have on a saddle their back is shown so Bare back comes from both of those the words and it really fits. If a horse is saddeld they maybe able to get into any race they wish to be in because some people make races but dont lrt people that ride bare back into their race. Their are many kinds of saddles there can be a western, A Normal saddle or just no saddle at or just plain out bare back. A western Saddle

horse fun time

Wednesday, May 25th, 9pm

This is an online event.

Michale Duffy competed in this compition leading in first with his world famous jumping and his handsome horse. But you also have to watch out for a famous rider but who is secritley ryoal. Her name is Eritha she has a buitiful horse and nearly won first when they jumped a jump a jump reighn became lose and and got five pionts deducted from her first score and her final score.

Eritha and Michale Duffy

this is what Eritha wears during compitions but is also related to the queen of england. People look up to her and want to ride like her one day. She has had tons of practice and will reamin in one another contest went to go and play in this scompition and won first his name was Michale Duffy with the fastest horse he has won the race