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Raymond Park Intermediate Academy

August 31, 2018

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Dear Parents,

Today, your student is bringing home several items for Quarter 1 midterms. The following items should be reviewed carefully by you and your child.

  • Midterm 1 Grades (M, P, N report) Keep in mind that our grading system is standards-based; it shows how students are doing right now with grade-level standards. Since we are still very early in the year, you may notice that students have more Ps and Ns since they are still learning our grade-level standards.

    • M = Meets Standard

    • P = Partial Mastery

    • N = Not Meeting Standard

  • NSGRA Score Report - Information on reading assessment and student’s reading level

  • NWEA Score Report - Information regarding student’s score on the recent Math and Reading test; you can access additional information here and here.

  • Attendance Letter - information showing how many absences your student has so far this year

If you received a letter from the school nurse regarding the required school year immunizations for your student, remember to turn all paperwork in by September 17, 2018. If we do not receive paperwork on completed immunizations by this date, those children will not be able to attend school until we have a record of completion. Please contact your doctor or the health department as soon as possible if you need to update your child’s information. For any questions, please call the school nurse at (317) 532 - 8912. All students will be bringing home information this coming Monday about an immunization clinic that will be held at RPIA next month.

Just a reminder that parents should drop students off at Door #1 only. This is the main entrance of the campus and is where the flags are located. This is the only door students can enter in the morning if they are car riders. Door #24, the transportation door, is locked as soon as bus students enter the building.

Please enjoy your three-day weekend with your family and friends.


Mrs. Carey Storm


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