April Newsletter

Colby Grade School

It's officially SPRINGTIME!

I love SPRING! It brings about busy schedules but it also brings later sunsets, blooming flowers, and birds chirping.

April when is we begin to see the finish line of the school year. The primary students are focused on mastering grade level skills while the 3rd & 4th grades are working hard on state assessments. With all that we have going on this month, there is so much to enjoy & celebrate! Be sure to check out 'Look What's Happening' so you don't miss out.

❤️Mrs. Stapp

Look What's Happening....

Apr. 4- School Librarian Appreciation Day

Apr. 7- No School

Apr. 10- No School

Apr. 12- 'Growing Up' Presentation

4th Grade students

Apr. 17- PE & Library Trip

Pioneer Memorial Library (1/2 of 3rd Grade students)

Apr. 17- USD 315 School Board Meeting

7:00 Board Room

Apr. 20- Kindergarten Musical "Sounds A Little Fishy To Me"

2:30pm Rehearsal and 7:00pm Recital Middle School Auditorium

Apr. 24- PE & Library Trip

Pioneer Memorial Library (1/2 of 3rd Grade students)

Apr. 25- Conservation Presentation

4th Graders attending at Colby Event Center

Apr. 25- School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Apr. 26- Colby Grade School Field Day

Apr. 26- Administrative Assistant Day

Apr. 27- New Kindergarten Visitation

1/2 day

Apr. 27- Cafeteria Birthday Lunch

Apr. 28- No School

After School Program

News From Nurse Kayla

Happy April! This month, we are focusing on how to protect and monitor your child’s vision. Vision is a tool that children use when experiencing and interpreting the world around them. Protecting their visual health is key to providing them with the best learning opportunities possible.

Why it matters:
Since many vision problems begin at an early age, you should make sure your child gets the recommended eye exams to help keep their eyes healthy. Healthy vision is important for your child’s overall development and learning ability.

Signs of vision problems:
Not all vision problems show obvious signs. Here are some things to be on the lookout for:
•Frequent eye rubbing/blinking
•Short attention span
•Frequent headaches
•Reading or looking at screens close up
•Going “cross-eyed” or squinting
•A pupil that looks white when light shines on it
•An eyelid that looks droopy or partially covers the eye

What can you do:
•Watch for signs that your child is having trouble seeing and notify their doctor right away if you notice any.
•Make sure that your child is having yearly eye exams. These can be done more often if you are concerned that there is a problem.

•Talk to your child’s teacher about what can be done in the classroom if you think that your child may not be seeing well.

•PROTECT your child’s vision by having them wear sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays.

•PROTECT your child’s vision by making sure that they always wear proper protective sports eyewear.

Reference: https://www.cdc.gov/visionhealth/resources/features/vision-health-children.html


Dates to remember from Ms. Miller

April 11-13 GWAC Regional Art Show K-12 at Scott City High School

April 21 Art Walk in Colby on Range

Cafeteria Reminders....

We are a NUT FREE school.

No meals purchased at fast food outlets are to be consumed at mealtime in the cafeteria. If a food outlet items is brought to school it MUST NOT be brought to school in original containers.

Caffeinated beverages are NOT allowed in sack lunches or to be consumed in the cafeteria at any time.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus