Welcome to 8th Grade Science

with Ms. Goldsworthy


I am excited to start school again! It was nice meeting each student and I am looking forward to getting to know them and making them excited to learn about science!

The syllabus can be found on the website!

The Class Website

I linked to the class website below but am also attaching it here. This is the place where students go to get updated info, WSQ videos for homework (read the syllabus to get more info) among other things. YOU can learn about me as well as see the class wish list.

I will be updating my class url in the coming week so I will notify students when they can just type in www.goldsworthyscience.com to get to my class. For now, you have to go through the Jordan website or use the goo.gl link on the syllabus signature sheet.

Fill out the syllabus parent/guardian form so I know you read it. You can also sign up to volunteer for the Teal Team.

Contact Me!

If you need to see me (or your student does) then come by G-5 before school, brunch, lunch or during TEAM.