The Japenese Bomb Pearl Harbor!

By: Chaz Johnson

The Attack

Earlier today there was a bombing in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. It is believed to have happened at around 7:48 AM and to have killed 1,104 men. There was more than one wave to this attack and more than 300 Japanese bombers and kamikaze planes involved in the attack.

How It Happened

Yesterday our president Franklin Roosevelt tried to make a final appeal for peace with the Japanese emperor, but got no reply. After this the government had suspicions about Japan and began deciphering a long classified message. After reading the message it was believed that an attack was imminent. The one we saw here today may not be their last, but it was certainly not what we had expected. Before the attack had happened the government tried to send out a commercial alert to all the citizens near Pearl Harbor, but the attempt was failed and was sent much too late.

Some pictures describing the scene

The Aftermath

Rumors and Casualties

It is believed that after this attack we will declare war against the Japanese sometime within the next week. This declaration of war could be trouble for other countries in between and may cause more than we want. I have just gotten word of all the updated casualties in Hawaii there are 2,335 servicemen dead 68 civilians dead this include the 1,104 men on the battleship outside the harbor, and it is believed that 1,178 people were wounded. This was certainly a devastating attack, but it is doubted that it will go unanswered we will give you more news as it comes.