Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

Week 7 Term 4

Christmas Resources

New Curriculum

Sharon Tooney's Text Type Resources -

1. Types of Text - This document has four proformas for creating text analysis documents (imaginative, informative and persuasive, along with poetry) for resources that your school may use to support teaching of the new K-10 English syllabus. The purpose of the proformas is to provide a starting point for teachers to program from.

2. A Summary of Text Types which provides a list of texts and their text type, plus a You Tube clip for some texts.

Thank you Sharon for sharing these rich resources.

Victoria AC - Working With Texts and Navigating The Landscape

Word Documents of the Maths Syllabus

Lucinda Farrell shared her Presenter's Notes for Characterisation With A Yo Ho Ho. - Thank you Lucinda.

Teacher Handbook for Developing Student Understanding - Comprehension -

Created by Zoe Van-Stolk, HT English at Chifley College and Chris Fraser, Literacy Numeracy Leader Western Sydney Region - An exemplary resource. Thank you.

Storm Boy Unit - Stage 2/3 - Developed by the Australian Curriculum Lessons

Jungle Unit - Stage 1 - Developed by the Australian Curriculum Lessons


Myths and Legends - Watch and listen to an extensive range of Myths and Legends from around the world. There is also the facility for students to create their own.

Clips - Watch, discuss and respond to these clips using a variety of media. A great multimodal resource.


Flash Maths - An interactive site which provides learning games that will even stimulate a reluctant student -eg Sharp Shooter

The Numeracy Shed - You have heard of The Literacy Shed, now there is the Numeracy Shed. The site includes the Brain Teaser Shed, the Shape Shed, the Fraction Shed and many more! Thanks Steph for sourcing this!


Maths Tappers Apps - Find Sums App, Maths Tappers Equivalents App, Maths Tappers Number Line App, Maths Tappers Estimate Fractions App, Maths Tappers Multiples App.

Movie Mount for iPads and it enables you to add wide angle lenses, microphones and lenses to your iPad.


Print What You Like and Print Friendly are 2 websites that enable you to remove unwanted text, ads etc from a web page prior to printing.

Cook It! - This site provides, recipes, the history of cooking, explanations of processes in cooking and equipment, activities and teaching resources.

Celebrating Language - Students are able to listen to the many languages of the world and learn about the different festivals. Also learn the numbers, shapes and colours.

Virtual Keyboard


Australian Screen - Provides 1065 clips - War, Environment, Film and Media, History, Indigenous Australia, Society and The Arts. The clips are supported with Teaching Notes.

How Times Change - A resource to show how changes over time have occurred, at school, in the family, toys and games and getting around.

Cooking Through The Ages - Travel through the ages and learn about their food and cooking. Egs- Prehistoric, Saxons, Vikings, Tudors, Victorians, WW2 etc

History's Heroes - The heroes in this site cover 2000 years. Students will be encouraged to think, respond and reflect. Teaching resources, activities and ideas are provided along with timelines, movie clips. Students may record speeches and create enigma codes.

War Witness - Provides a rich repository of digital resources (images, clips, interviews) from WW2 to more recent conflicts.

Early Career Teachers

Language and Vocabulary Webinar - Created by Deb Ross

All Early Career teachers should view her Accreditation and Applying For a Position webinars.

Added to my Snapshot site are links for:

Accreditation, Great Teaching, Inspired Learning and Applying For a Position.

Plus the The National Professional Standards For Teachers document.