World Geography

Current Event Guidelines

How to analyze an article

When asked to prepare a current events report, use this form to evaluate your information source, identify the most important people and ideas, and develop your own position on the topic.

**You will answer the following questions and write your 1-2 paragraph essay on a separate sheet and attach printed article to turn in for a quiz grade. Keep this flyer in your interactive binder to refer back to throughout the year.

Social Studies writing guideline


Questions to answer

1. Identify the source of your information (book, newspaper, magazine, broadcast media, etc.). List the date of publication and the author or authors of the news story if available.

2. List the people or groups who play an important role in or who may be affected by this event. If there are opposing sides involved in this event, explain the viewpoint of each one.

3. Use relative location to describe where this even is taking place.

4. If you were to write your own title or headline for this news story, what would it be?

5. Write a 1-2 paragraph essay that summarizes the main idea of the news story, make sure to include the people that are involved and what is happening. Use your Social Studies writing guidelines when writing this essay.