Pearl S. Buck Elementary

March 18, 2016

School is Closed all next week, March 21-25, For Easter Recess

4th Grade: Your Baby Pictures Are Needed For The Yearbook

The final date for submitting 4th-grade baby pictures to Patty Steckroat is April 1st. However, the sooner you can submit your photo, the better.

Baby photos will be included in the end of year DVD and year book. If emailing the photo, please send a jpeg file and include the name of your child and his or her teacher. If using a photograph, write your child's name and teacher on the back and send it into school in a labeled envelope addressed to the 4th grade PTO representatives. Also, please clearly identify if you want the photo returned.

You can email pictures or questions to:

Bucket Drumming!

Leon Jordan presented a bucket drumming assembly today (March 18th). He was joined by Randy Sutin (Mrs. Sutin's husband), Jim Stager and Chris Aschman to round out the ensemble. Mrs. Sutin also joined the group for the last song. Students were presented with a very enjoyable performance, and learned a few things about the various instruments in the ensemble: drums, bass guitar, vibraphone, trumpet and steel drums. About 30 students were invited to perform on plastic buckets, providing a rhythmic accompaniment while the professional musicians performed a jazz tune. Thanks to our PTO for their support of this assembly.

March is Poison Prevention Month

Earlier this week, Sandy Morgan presented a poison prevention program to our kindergarten students. Mrs. Morgan showed students a variety of household items such as cleaning supplies and medicines. It was explained to students that some could be mistaken for candy or soft drinks. Our K students did a great job showing their STARR behavior as they listened and responded to questions. One important message was "always ask an adult" before eating or drinking something.

Formally with the Middletown Township Fire Marshall's Office, Mrs. Morgan now works as a Code Enforcement Officer for Building and Zoning. She has been presenting to kindergarten classes in Neshaminy for over 5 years. "Spike" the porcupine assisted Mrs. Morgan in her presentation.

Pen Pals Extraordinaire

After reading Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, Mrs. Lysun’s students wrote to their favorite authors. Some of the authors that were recipients of the letters were Jeff Kinney, Lincoln Pierce, Avi, J.K. Rowling, Dav Pilkey, and James Patterson. The first replies have been received! Dan Gutman sent an email along with some photos and information about himself for the five aspiring writers that penned him a letter. The rest of the class is waiting patiently for responses!

Did you know....?

Here are some fun science questions. Answers can be found below.

1) True or false - there are 206 bones in an adult human body and 300 bones in an infants body?

2) True or false- most of the dust in your home is made of human skin?

3) Can you lick your elbow?

4) If you go into space, do you get taller?

5) What is the hardest substance in the human body?


1) True. Some bones in infants skulls have not yet fused together.

2) True - up to 70%!

3) No. Now be honest, did you try?

4) Yes, the cartilage disks in your spine expand under zero gravity.

5) Tooth enamel.

Find more fun science questions at

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