Irish impacts on America

Meghan Clair


The impact I chose was the impact of the Irish on America. This does not truly have a time frame but basically 1800-present. A main reason so many Irish came over was due to the Potato Famine. A huge precent of Americans are from Irish decent, so I feel their importance should be noticed

Political Impacts

Not only were immigrants one of the reasons corrupted government was found, but also due of the fact of the amount of Irish people came over they influenced our politicians. Hundreds among hundreds of mayors, congressmen, and presidents would not be here if it weren't for the immigration of the Irish. This includes Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, JFK, and Ronald Reagan just to say a few.

Social Impacts

The holiday that children get candy from going door to door? Halloween's earliest origin is from an old Irish festival called Samhain to celebrate the end of summer and start of the new year. Also they brought over a folk dance, now called Irish dancing or clogging. Many Americans learn and compete in the folk dancing.

Economic Impacts

When Irish first came over they were feeing from a famine. This caused them to take any payment as long as they could feed themselves. This filled small jobs and helped the economy stay flowing. Another impact is Halloween, the average American family spends $74-$100 on Halloween which helps the economy and gives it a small boost once a year.