5 defining moments-Nixon Foreign

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Trade Embargo With China

President Nixon visited China on January 8th, 1970. 12 days later on January 20th, the united states ended restricted trade with communist China. In attempt to gain relations, the united states sent our national ping pong team to China for some friendly competition. After a while, the U.s ended the trade embargo with china and pulled troops out of Vietnam.
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OPEC oil embargo

Involved the Arab-Israeli war in 1973. The United States made the decision to resupply the Israeli people. Price per barrel of oil more than quadrupled in this time. The Arabs decided to completely ban oil products/petroleum to the US
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SALT treaty

Occurred on June 18, 1979 in Vienna. Two rounds of bilateral talks and corresponding treaties involving the United Sates and the Soviet Union. The SALT treaty discussed the issue of armament control and how many missiles/bombs each country were able to posses. The end result was that the US and the Soviet Union could each posses 200 non ballistic missiles each. Other information is included in the chart below.
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Nixon Visits the USSR

President Nixon visited the USSR in May of 1972 during his presidency. He attended summit meetings with their leader, Leonid Brezhner and many other Soviet officials.
The two countries came to many agreements, one of which was that groundwork for space flight should be equal in 1975. Nixon returned to the United States on May 30th.
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Was a policy by Richard Nixon administration in involvement in the war in Vietnam. They were to steadily remove the US troops when South Vietnam could fight and defend themselves without any of the United States' help.
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