Taiwanese Culture

see what it would be like as a Taiwanese.

The difference between UK and Taiwan

Talking about a distinction between one country to another, basically, from FOOD!

Whether you have heard Taiwan or not, you should know that one thing about food is really special and famous, NIGHT MARKET.

For a western resident, it is almost impossible to find a restaurant opening after 1700, except the bar.

But in Taiwan, the night market will still crowded at midnight.

And people love the delicious,cheap food in night market.

In the area where gather some food stands, more and more, eventually comes the night market, light as day till early in the morning, such as 0300.

According to the information that I have Gotten, most foreigners also love it.

Exploring Taiwan's Night Markets(台灣夜市文化)

Festival in Taiwan

I think the most unique festival in Taiwan might be the DRAGON BOAT festival.

This special event is told that in the early Chinese history a famous poetry named 屈原

/Qūyuán/, once depressed because against the policy and made no change, seeing the reflection of the moon of a river, suicide.

Because of the high esteem of him, people didn't want his body to be eaten by the fish,

throw some RICE DUMPLING for the fish,and entertain him with the dragon boat, every year at fifth of May, and so we keep this traditional until now, also make the dragon be known by the world.

Taiwan Celebrates Annual Dragon Boat Festival