Coaching Corner

February 2016

February Conference

February conference has always been like a 2nd New Year to me. It's a time to revisit resolutions and create some new ones.

Did any of the workshops you attended give you ideas that you'd like some help putting into action? I'd love to work with you! Give me a shout. :)

Upcoming Dates

  • Feb. 12 - K-1 Math Pilot Assessment Window Closes
  • Feb. 17 - Progress Reports Go Home
  • Feb. 24 - Science Grade 3 Module Assessment Window Opens

For more important dates, view our District Assessment Calendar!

Technology Integration


Get the most out of the videos you show in your classrooms! Zaption can help you "turn passive viewing into online learning experiences that help learners focus on what's important and get meaningful feedback in real time!"

Watch the short video below to learn more, and go to to register for FREE!

Think of the possibilities! Talk about student engagement, and what about using it to "flip" your classroom?!

Zaption - Don't just watch. Learn.

Interested in Coaching?

I'd love to help you achieve your professional goals! Please check out this form for ways we can work together. Feel free to fill out the form, and put it in my box. If you'd rather, here is the same information as a google form. Please let me know how I can help you.

Sharing the PYP Blog

If you haven't already checked out this blog, take a peek! It's an amazing IB resource! You can subscribe to the blog, or simply bookmark the page.