By:Christopher Kim

Shield Resort!!!

Come to Shield Resort today!!! There is a lava spa at the very top of the shield volcano. The lava oozes out to give a warm spa. Also the shield volcano is the largest type of volcano so there is many areas and activities to do. At the very top of the shield volcano there is a swimming pool. First you enter the vent and enter the lava chamber and you are in the pool!!! There is also thee cooling zone that you have to take an elevator. The cooling zone is under ground located at the solidified lava zone which is layers of hardened lava that keep on building up on each other because more and more lava comes out. That is why the Shield Resort is the largest type of volcano. So come check out our Resort for more information!
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Cone Restaurant!!!

Try out our new Volcanic Ice cream at our Cone Restaurant!!! IT is make your own Volcanic Ice Cream. First is the Cone zone where you pick your type of cone. They are super tall and long because a cone volcano is big. Next stop is the Ice Cream one where you pick you're ice cream there is the gray ice cream that taste like oreos it is like a dormant cone volcano. Then there is green ice cream that taste like green tea it is an active volcano. The last step is the sprinkles that are like the rock fragments in the inside the vent. There are many types of sprinkles so Hurry and check out Cone Restaurant.

Composite Amusement park!!!

Come To our Amusement Park which is especially extraordinary. The roller coaster is made around a composite volcano that gives you a once is a life time experience! First when you get on the ride you will see the top of the composite volcano blown off barbecue of its massive power. Then you will see lava coming out of a few places because of the branch pipes. last but not least you get a tour inside of the volcano and learn all the layers there were. So come to Composite Amusement park for more fun and a life time experience!!!
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