Mikayla Estes

English hour 4

Hobbies and Activities involved in School

One of my hobbies is art, I like to do different doodles. Like Fairies, Mermaids, Dragons, Vampires, People, Animals, and many more. I like to play soccer with my dog Buster, Dance, and watching movies with my family.

All the schools I've attended

I started out at Marquette Elementary school, after second grade I went to Lincoln Elementary school in McPherson. At the end of seventh grade I went to Smoky Valley middle school. Then I moved to Buhler for my freshmen year. I would like to attend Hutch Community College or Bethany College.

Hutch Community College http://www.hutchcc.edu/ Bethany College www.bethanylb.edu/

My Family

I have three brothers. The oldest is Royce, the second oldest is Luke and the youngest is Calem. I live with my Mom, Grandma, and little brother. My dad is in Mississippi because my mom and my dad are divorced. We have three dogs Buster, gigette, and D.O.G. That is My Family and Grandma.