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Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast Reflection

Is milk good or bad for your bones? From Nutrition Diva

A big misconception that has been on the rise is that milk is actually bad for your bones. Naturally, this sounds absolutely crazy to me! Nutrition Diva takes this question and answers it simply for us.

People have been saying that milk is a "acid-forming" food. So it was thought that when we were consuming milk it was leaving acidic residue in our bodies, and that was causing our bodies to take the calcium out of our bones to balance out the acid that was in our bodies from the milk.

However, that is not true at all. As it turns our milk is not an "acid-forming" food at all. With all that being said, we should definitely still be consuming milk. Maybe the problem is not that milk is making our bones weak but that we are solely relying on the milk make our bones strong when we need to be doing more than that to strengthen our bones.

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30 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System From Get-Fit Guy

Tip 1: Increase stress (The good kind)

- get exercise

- sunlight exposure

-calorie restriction

Tip 2: Get more sleep

- sleep in silence

- make sure its dark

- sleep in a cool room

Tip 3: Move it!

- Yoga

- Nature Walks

- Tai Chi

- Swimming

Tip 4: Boost your Nutrients

-Vitamin C

- Fish Oil

- Essential Oils

Tip 5: Get Dirty

- Get exposure to nature

- Be exposed to animals

- Shower with only water every once in awhile

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Overall thoughts-

These both can be applicable to us as future teachers because our students will be needing to drink milk and we will need to explain to them the health benefits, as well as the parents will be hearing these misconceptions and be worried about it and we can assure them of the benefits of giving their children milk. Lastly, as teachers our immune systems are going to be pretty low from always being surrounded by our students who will be very germs, so to know a few good beneficial ways to help build our immune system is great.

Finally, these two didn't go together too much but I think it was good to take a misconception like the one about milk and prove that it wrong, and again some of the tips to boost immune systems are out of the ordinary and aren't at all what some people would think of to do. Plus, milk has good vitamin C which can help wit hour immune systems.